AR Worldwide Modular RF has announced that it has received an order from Amron International for 71 tactical communications amplifiers. The order, for model KMW1030 (20 w, CW 30 to 512 MHz), is the latest in a series of orders from Amron, and is unique in that the amplifiers ordered are specifically for use in "HumVee" fighting vehicles rather than as Man-Pack units.

AR Worldwide Modular RF was awarded the order over several competitors mainly because of its ability to customize the units and deliver them in a short time period. The customized units incorporate additional line filtering and spike suppression so that the amplifiers can operate directly off the main vehicle's 24 V battery system.

Military standards for 24 V vehicle systems are very demanding, requiring that equipment be capable of working without damage in both under and over voltage conditions. The over voltage conditions are especially demanding since the unit must function with voltage peaks of 100 V DC for up to 100 msec. In order to meet these stringent requirements, AR engineers designed additional circuitry board layouts in record time and have incorporated them into the KMW1030 for future orders.