Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the availability of SystemVue 2008.12, a new platform for electronic system-level (ESL) design. The new platform delivers modeling, design-flow improvements and baseband IP libraries that can cut months from physical layer (PHY) design time for high performance communications algorithms and system architectures in both wireless and aerospace/defense applications.

The new release accelerates development of high performance PHYs for Software-defined Radio (SDR) and other applications with three key contributions:

• a new, open ESL platform that connects multi-language algorithm design up to the communications system level, as well as down to hardware implementation and verification, for a more complete model-based flow;
• high performance RF PHY simulation technology with links to RF and hardware verification; and, high quality standards-based libraries for WiMAX™
• and LTE baseband algorithm and hardware developers.

“SystemVue 2008 unifies capabilities from a variety of separate tool sets to produce airworthy, high performance PHYs faster than ever before,” said Frank Ditore, product marketing manager with Agilent’s EEsof EDA division. “SystemVue makes existing hardware environments more effective for high-performance systems design.”

The new platform gives algorithm designers a view of working reference PHY blocks at the system level, while connecting them to rapid-prototyping and RF test for baseband hardware design and verification.