RFID Design Principles

Harvey Lehpamer

This cutting-edge book serves as a comprehensive introduction to RFID, offering you a detailed understanding of design essentials and applications, and providing a thorough overview of management issues.

By comparing RFID with WLAN and Bluetooth, this practical resource shows you how RFID technology can help you overcome many design challenges and limitations in the field. The book explains the design of electronic circuits, antennas, interfaces, data encoding schemes, and complete RFID systems. Starting with the basics of RF and microwave propagation, you learn about major system components including tags and readers.

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306 pages; $99, £55 • ISBN: 978-1-59693-194-7

The RF in RFID: Passive UHF RFID in Practice

Daniel M. Dobkin

This book includes a survey of all RFID fundamentals and practices in the first part of the book while the second part focuses on UHF passive technology. This coverage of UHF technology and its components including tags, readers, and antennas is essential to commercial implementation in supply chain logistics and security.

Readers of this book should have an electrical engineering background, but have not yet dealt with RFID. To this end, Dobkin will be very careful to illustrate all concepts and detail his explanations meticulously. In this way, he will bring the reader along organically showing him/her what to expect, develop, and use while implementing an RFID system.

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504 pages; $59.95 • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8209-1

Wireless Communications: The Future

William Webb, Editor

Predicting the future is an essential element for almost everyone involved in the wireless industry. Manufacturers predict the future when they decide on product lines to develop or research to undertake, operators when they buy licences and deploy networks, and academics when they set PhD topics. Wireless Communications: The Future provides a solid, clear and well-argued basis on which to make these predictions.

Starting with a description of the current situation and a look at how previous predictions made in 2000 have fared, the book then provides the contributions of six eminent experts from across the wireless industry. Based on their input and a critical analysis of the current situation, it derives detailed forecasts for 2011 through to 2026. This leads to implications across all of the different stakeholders in the wireless industry and views on key developments.

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274 pages; $90 • ISBN: 978-0-470-03312-8