China’s high speed Shijiazhuang-to-Taiyuan railway (the Shi-Tai line) will include a wireless network for all passengers to use, thanks to coverage and capacity solutions from Andrew, the CommScope Inc. division that is a leader in wireless communication systems and products.

Andrew will supply its RADIAX® radiating cables to support wireless services for passengers as they travel through the railway’s tunnels enjoying phone, text messaging, and other services. Andrew’s coverage and capacity solution will also support a GSM-R network to enable fully interoperable communications among railway employees and emergency personnel. Andrew’s RADIAX cables are manufactured entirely in the company’s Suzhou, China plant, where outdoor and indoor cable test lines that simulate tunnel conditions are located.

“Andrew’s localized manufacturing in China, as well as its specialized testing environment that mimics a railway tunnel, is a major advantage in serving our customers in this market,” said Ben Cardwell, vice president, sales and marketing, Asia-Pacific. “As China continues rapidly constructing and expanding its urban rail transportation networks, Andrew hopes to assist by supporting communication networks across the country.”