OMMIC announces the introduction of a new phase shifter MMIC for X-band applications. Applications for the new device include Weather and Military Radars, Satellite Communications and Phased Array Applications in general.

The CGY2172XUH is a 6-bit phase shifter MMIC with a LSB of 5.625° that covers the band 8 to 12 GHz. The phase shifter has an insertion loss of 8 dB with a RMS phase error of only 2° at 10 GHz and excellent input and output matching of –17 dB. The attenuation error with phase setting is extremely low and does not exceed a maximum peak value of 0.25 dB. The MMIC is available with either a TTL/CMOS compatible interface (0/5 V) or direct drive of the phase shifter (0/-3 V).

The MMIC is fabricated using OMMIC’s standard 0.13 μm PHEMT process. This process has been evaluated by the European Space Agency for Flight Models and is on the European Preferred Parts List.

Samples and demonstration boards are available from stock.