As leading developers of the mobile WiMAX standard, EB and Nokia Siemens Networks have agreed to co-operate on the further development of WiMAX technology. According to the agreement, EB will sell its WiMAX baseband software asset to Nokia Siemens Networks. The parties have agreed to continue the WiMAX baseband software related product development together, with Nokia Siemens Networks purchasing WiMAX product development work from EB as a service. According to the agreement, EB will in the future have the license to use the WiMAX baseband software and its subsequent versions when developing customer solutions based on WiMAX technology.

EB and Nokia Siemens Networks will combine their competences, thereby accelerating WiMAX technology's access to the market. EB will change its business model in the mobile WiMAX standard by shifting from investing upfront in the R&D of radio base station module products to the development of demanding, customer-financed WiMAX solutions. The agreement will reduce significantly the costs of EB's own R&D investment going forward, while maintaining the opportunity to develop and implement demanding WiMAX solutions for customers.

"The agreement gives both parties the best conditions to continue to develop their own wireless WiMAX businesses. We will transfer current WiMAX development resources to the development of demanding customer-financed solutions," said Ari Virtanen, head of Wireless Solutions at EB.

For Nokia Siemens Networks, Markku Hollström, head of broadband wireless product management, commented, “WiMAX is important technology to Nokia Siemens Networks. This agreement supports our strategy to deliver the most advanced solutions based on WiMAX network technology."