Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products is a world leader in the development and manufacture of microwave absorbers, low-loss dielectrics, shielding materials and smart tag isolators. Since its foundation back in 1948, the company’s strategy has always been focused on microwave materials and closely related products.

As a company, we are continuously looking ahead, spotting new trends in the microwave business, developing new products and exploring new markets. Participating at EuMW gives us the opportunity to keep track of all these innovations.

Being an important European player in the microwave absorbing business, we are convinced that our yearly presence at EuMW is absolutely vital. By combining some interesting conferences with an exhibition, the event creates a unique platform to get in touch with professionals in the field. Also, EuMW is not only the place to meet existing customers but also potential new ones. Last but not least, during the event we see most of our competitors, giving us the chance to check and find out which products and markets they are focusing on.

In the past there was the impression that EuMW was rather restricted to Europe, where its big American brother, MTT-S, attracts a much broader audience. However, this perception is changing and we appreciate the initiatives taken to make EuMW more world-oriented, especially as Europe has gained and certainly deserves a prominent place on the world’s economic scene.

For quite some time now, there has been a trend, which still continues, for European OEMs to move their manufacturing business to Eastern European countries and Asia. It would be useful to attract those companies to EuMW, giving us the chance to have contact with them and so giving us the opportunity to get access to and explore these new markets. Although most business is still coordinated from Europe, we cannot ignore the growing markets and rising economy of these regions.

As EuMW is the largest RF and microwave trade show in Europe, it attracts a lot of people. However, in an extremely busy world, and sometimes for budgetary reasons, microwave engineers will only visit such a show for a short time, possibly only attending one conference, which does not leave them much spare time to wander around the exhibition itself.

It would be a pity for any visitor not to visit Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products on Stand 406, where we hope to meet a lot of microwave engineers, new potential customers or interesting business partners, which will help us to continue to build and extend our presence in Europe and beyond.