Anritsu Co. announces enhancements to its Site Master™ family that continue to position the handheld analyzers as the de facto instruments for deploying, installing and maintaining wireless networks. The new enhancements, which are also available in the Cell Master™ handheld base station analyzer, include a 30 percent improvement in sweep speed, optical Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurement capability, advanced post analysis tools, and a ruggedized phase stable cable with reinforced handgrip.

Site Master now has improved firmware that allows users to make cable and antenna sweeps 30 percent faster, for more efficient field operations. Complementing the improved speed is the high accuracy of the analyzers, which eliminates costly “false fails” and increases the confidence in measurements.

The ODTF-1 Optical DTF module transforms the Site Master into a portable fiber tester ideal for remote radio head applications. Developed to address the need to measure fiber between the main tower and remote unit, fiber to the premise, and military platforms, the ODTF-1 allows fiber measurements to be displayed in an identical format as traditional RF tests, making it easy for technicians to conduct both measurements. It provides 10 cm event resolution, so that highly accurate measurements can be made, even on closely spaced events.

Anritsu has also developed tools designed to improve time efficiencies after measurements have been taken. Enhancements to the Master Software Tools greatly simplify and expedite cable and antenna post-sweep analysis. A new Trace Rename feature enables users to rename hundreds of traces in minutes rather than hours. Additionally, a Group Edit function can take markers and limit lines from a single trace and copy them to hundreds of other traces in seconds.

The enhancements are compatible with the Site Master S311D, S312D, S331D and S332D, and the Cell Master MT8212B. The Site Master cable and antenna analyzers are the preferred choice of service providers, network operators and contractors worldwide who install, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot wireless communication systems. Featuring an advanced synthesizer-based, handheld, battery-operated design, Site Master helps wireless field engineers and technicians detect cable feedline and antenna system problems before they become costly, time-consuming system failures.

Cell Master is a single instrument that combines all of the tools required to maintain and troubleshoot base stations. The Cell Master provides the functionality of a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, high accuracy power meter, channel scanner, transmitter analyzer (GSM, CDMA, EV-DO and iDEN), transmission analyzer for two-port devices (built-in RF source), variable bias tee, interference analyzer, GPS receiver, CW Signal Generator, GPS Tester and T1/E1 analyzer.