Agilent Technologies announced that it will collaborate with the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands to research large-signal and sub-mm-wave characterization techniques.

"Agilent has been one of our biggest and most reliable supporters for the past two decades," said Leo de Vreede, associate professor in the research school of the Delft Institute for Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES). "We share a common view on application-driven RF characterization tools and use Agilent's software tools and instrumentation extensively in our education and research programs."

With this new collaboration, enabled by the emerging SmartMix/MEMPHIS project, there has been a tremendous acceleration in research activities and capabilities at DIMES. This is evidenced by the creation of two complementary characterization facilities: the RF and the sub-mm-wave DIMES characterization laboratories. These new facilities will enable DIMES to continue to lead technological advancement of devices, components and circuits into the sub-mm-wave frequency range.

"Delft University's leadership in RF characterization techniques for high-performance RF and wireless applications has already received international recognition," said Roger Stancliff, chief technical officer, Components Test Division, Agilent Technologies. "DIMES's expertise enriches our work and we are able to give aspiring young scientists the opportunity to work with the latest equipment in RF/microwave from Agilent."