Terma has secured a contract to provide Multi Link capability to the Royal Danish Navy’s Flexible Support Ships and Frigates. The Multi Link solution will be fully integrated into the Terma C-Flex Command and Control System onboard the five ships. The application will assure the ships’ participation on both Link-11 and Link-16 network, and is prepared for future Link-22 capability.

The modular and highly scalable C-Flex architecture is designed to support multiple configurations. The concept of installing software per ship, based on the actual installed systems, provides for utilizing a basic system with variations according to ship configuration or across different ship classes. The combat system will thus support upgrades, variation between ships or even if equipment is transferred from one ship to another.

The tactical data link processor chosen to interface with the C-Flex is the Ultra Multi Link System based on the Multi Link Processor family of products providing critical data exchange capabilities to airborne, land and maritime users. The MLS is a single Line Replaceable Unit with embedded Link-11 Crypto, Data Terminal Set and processor card. The combination of the MLS and C-Flex provide the possibility of an extremely compact solution providing full situational awareness including Link-11 and Link-16 network participation.

The modular architecture of the MLS allows the functionality and capability to be tailored to meet the Danish Navy’s requirements. The MLS will host Link-11 and Link-16 Air Defense Systems Integrator software supplied by Ultra Electronics – Advanced Tactical Systems. The MLS configuration will complement Ultra’s existing range of data link products, which are in service around the world and offers the Danish Navy upgrade paths into Link-22 in the future.