Hittite Microwave Corp., a supplier of complete MMIC-based solutions for communication and military markets, has introduced an industry first integrated RMS power detector that is capable of simultaneously measuring the instantaneous (RF envelope) power and the true RMS power of any input RF input signal from 100 MHz to 3.9 GHz.

The HMC614LP4E provides a “true RMS” representation of any RF/IF input signal and is ideally suited to wide bandwidth, wide dynamic range applications requiring repeatable power measurement over temperature, especially where RF/IF waveshape and crest factor change with time. The HMC614LP4E employs an innovative new circuit architecture that enables simultaneous measurement of peak power and average power. A peak-to-average output signal provides a direct read of signal crest factor.

The HMC614LP4E provides a differential input sensing range of 72 dB, to ±1 dB detection accuracy up to 3.9 GHz with excellent crest factor immunity and temperature stability. The device also exhibits less than ±0.1 dB measurement deviation at +12 dB crest factor, and less than ±0.5 dB measurement deviation over the full operating temperature range.

Operating from a +5 V supply, the HMC614LP4E is specified for operation over the -40° to +85°C temperature range, and is supplied in a compact 4x4 mm leadless QFN package.