Hittite Microwave Corp., a supplier of complete MMIC-based solutions for communication and military markets, announced the release of a wideband passive double-balanced mixer for use in point-to-point & point-to-multipoint radio, test equipment, laboratory and military applications from 11 to 20 GHz.

The HMC-C051 is a passive double-balanced mixer that is housed in a miniature hermetic module and can be used as an upconverter or downconverter. This mixer provides 43 dB of LO to RF isolation and a low conversion loss of only 7 dB across the frequency range of 11 to 20 GHz.

This mixer is fabricated in a GaAs MESFET process and requires no external components or matching circuitry. The HMC-C051 delivers a robust 1000 V ESD (Class 1C HBM) capability and can operate over a -55° to +85°C temperature range. Its optimized balun structures allow it to achieve exceptional port to port isolation performance as well as a wide IF bandwidth of DC to 6 GHz.

The HMC-C051 also features removable SMA connectors, which can be detached to allow direct connection of the I/O pins to a microstrip or planar circuit.