LeCroy Corp., a supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, announced the launch of the WavePro 7, the first product series in the new Zi Family of oscilloscopes. The launch represents the first deployment of LeCroy’s next-generation chipset and latest streaming architecture, X-Stream II, allowing the WavePro 7 to deliver raw performance, speed and analysis capabilities unmatched in the industry. The WavePro 7 oscilloscope is the only complete debug solution with up to 6 GHz of bandwidth available.

“We expect the new LeCroy WavePro 7 Series to reshape the competitive landscape across the entire oscilloscope design and debug market,” said president and chief executive officer Tom Reslewic. “WavePro 7 represents both a significant advancement in oscilloscope technology and a higher level of forward thinking by our design team. The major enhancements in hardware and software technologies, as well the user-friendly design, allow the design engineer to operate with ease at a faster pace without sacrificing advanced functionality.”

“The WavePro 7 provides engineers with deeper insight into electronic design problems than possible before,” said Reslewic. “Our next-generation chipset enables high fidelity signal capture, and our new X-Stream II proprietary architecture delivers 10 to 20 times faster response rates, with long memory handling in a new industrial design. Our plan is to launch additional new platforms in the Zi family based on this breakthrough chipset through fiscal 2009 – products that will continue to break the mold for how scopes are designed, manufactured and used.”

The WavePro 7’s advanced industrial design incorporates an industry-first 15.3 inch, 16:9 high definition display equipped with a touch screen. Equipped with the industry’s most extensive toolbox, the new scope can solve electronic design problems within minutes instead of hours and can be extended to an integrated second display in order to expand the oscilloscope’s workspace. The WavePro 7’s removable front panel allows engineers to place the control-pod next to the circuit under test. LeCroy’s new serial interface bus, LSIB, enables data to be transferred 10 to 100 times faster than any other method. In addition, TriggerScan and WaveScan, special modes for finding rare events, shorten the time to debug a new design.

LeCroy also launched a new line of serial data analyzers, SDA 7, and disk drive analyzers, DDA 7, which feature the same speed, power and performance capabilities as the WavePro 7 Series.