7/16 DIN connectors are large format 50 ohm interfaces designed for high power wireless telecom applications. RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, introduces two versions of 7/16 DIN connectors for LMR-600® cable. The RFD-1600-2L2 attaches to the cable with a solder/clamp method. The RFD-1605-2L-2 attaches with a crimp/solder method. Both connectors have a combination feature that allows them to be assembled for straight or right angle applications in the field. Both connectors conform to the DIN specification of silver plated bodies and pins with Teflon® dielectric. The coupling nuts are designed with a hex/knurl combination that allows for hand or wrench tightening.

Originally developed and deployed in Europe, the 7/16 interface has gained acceptance in North America. DIN is an acronym for Deutsch Industries Norm, a German standard. 7/16 is derived from the diameter of the center contact (7 mm) and the diameter of the outer contact (16 mm). Characteristics of the design include silver plated connector bodies and contacts for reduced signal distortion from intermodulation. Operating frequency range is up to 7.5 GHz.