This paper presents design, simulation and test results of a modified corporate type Wilkinson power divider / combiner in microstrip configuration where all the λ/4 branch line impedances have equal characteristic impedances (Zo) instead of conventionally used π2Z. Electronic Band Gap (EBG) structure employed by etching periodic pattern on the ground plane to the modified power divider/combiner operating at the frequency of 4-GHz to suppress unwanted harmonics. The modified Wilkinson power divider/combiner provides flexibility of selecting width of the branch lines depending upon power handling requirement and eliminates the use of additional harmonic reject filter (HRF) to suppress harmonics.


Wilkinson power divider and combiners1 are being used widely for microwave power amplifier, antenna array and other applications. Conventional corporate type of Wilkinson power divider/combiners are having all branch line characteristic impedances of π2Zo. Even and odd mode analysis2 shows that, 4-way (in general 4n way, n is an integer) corporate type Wilkinson power divider can be realized by using all teh λ/4 branch line impedances of ssame characteristic impedance of any value. Analysis shows that this design maintains the characteristic of a conventional Wilkinson power divider; featuring an equal power split, a simultaneous impedance matching at all ports and good isolation between all the output ports.


A Modified Wilkinson Power Divider With Harmonic Suppression Characteristic
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