Agilent Technologies Inc. recently announced that Bureau Veritas ADT, Taiwan's leading WiMAX™ testing and certification company, awarded Agilent a contract for Mobile WiMAX Protocol Conformance Test (PCT). Bureau Veritas ADT provides Mobile WiMAX testing and certification services to the international community and will use Agilent's N6430A Mobile WiMAX PCT system to deliver WiMAX certification services.

"Bureau Veritas ADT was the first WiMAX certification lab to be approved in Asia," said C. J. Meurell, European Operations general manager of Agilent's WiMAX and WLAN one-box-tester products. "We're pleased that they have selected the Agilent N6430A to perform Protocol Conformance Testing. Bureau Veritas ADT's choice is a powerful endorsement of Agilent's WiMAX protocol test leadership."

Agilent's N6430A PCT solution delivers a comprehensive suite of test solutions for 802.16-2004/Cor2 D3 Mobile WiMAX PCT and development testing, from a scripting interface to a fully functional radio bearer based on the Agilent E6651A platform. The N6430A supports a significant and growing number of validated WiMAX PCT test cases. The Agilent E6651A portfolio of solutions supports multiple R&D testing needs in addition to PCT, including base-station emulation, RF parametric measurements and Radiated Performance Testing (RPT).

"We are happy to be working with Agilent as we start our Mobile WiMAX certification test program," said Tim Hong, vice president of Bureau Veritas ADT's Technical Integration Center. "Agilent's Mobile WiMAX PCT solution is the most versatile we have seen. We will be able to deploy Agilent's platform to support WiMAX PCT as well as use it for RPT testing. We will be able to deploy Agilent's platform to support WiMAX PCT as well as using it for RPT testing."

Bureau Veritas ADT was selected as a WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Laboratory in June 2007. The company will begin certifying Mobile WiMAX devices during the second quarter of 2008.