Symmetricom Inc., a leader in precise time and frequency technologies that accelerate the deployment and enable the management of next generation networks, announced TimeProvider™ 5000, the newest product in the company’s broad portfolio of carrier-grade, packet-based timing and frequency solutions. TimeProvider 5000 is a “purpose built” IEEE 1588 Version 2 carrier-class grandmaster clock designed to meet the most stringent timing and synchronization requirements of next generation network applications including Ethernet backhaul, circuit emulation and passive optical networks (PON).

TimeProvider 5000 is ideally suited for deployment at Radio Network Controller (RNC) and Base Station Controller (BSC) sites where rack space and real estate are extremely limited. TimeProvider 5000 incorporates hardware-based time stamping providing the highest level of timing and frequency accuracy over a broad range of wireline and wireless applications.

“Timing and synchronization is a critical component for the reliability of next generation networks as service providers migrate away from traditional T1/E1 network infrastructures in order to reduce their operating expenses while simultaneously increasing network capacity to handle bandwidth hungry applications such as video streaming and IPTV,” said Gurdip Jande, senior vice president of marketing for Symmetricom. “For the most stringent timing requirements of today’s emerging packet-based, next generation networks, TimeProvider 5000 enables service providers to roll out new, feature-rich services while simultaneously providing the highest Quality of Service (QoS) levels.”