Fairchild Semiconductor, a global supplier of high performance products that drive energy efficiency, has opened a design center in Pune, India. The new center will be responsible for designing and developing the company's new generation of power MOSFETs and IGBT technology to support popular applications.

As an application-driven, solution-based semiconductor supplier, the company provides online design tools and design centers worldwide as part of its comprehensive Global Power ResourceSM. The Indian R&D center is staffed by expert electrical engineers with extensive design experience.

The Pune location was chosen due to its close proximity to several excellent colleges and educational institutions that focus on engineering, and it is home to diverse research institutions that supplement higher education. In addition, Pune has a very strong presence in the automobile sector.

Fairchild offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, from 1 W to >1200 W to address the need for energy efficient products. The dwindling supply of fuel and the emergence of new worldwide regulations and standards mandating energy efficiency in a wide range of applications are driving this need for technologies that consume low power and conserve energy. The company is focused on developing leading-edge products and solutions that drive the efficient use power in all electronic applications.