SMA Attenuators

Designed for volume applications and available from stock, the AHC family of SMA attenua- tors offers performance at a truly affordable price. These 2 W units operate in a frequency range from DC to 6 GHz with a 1.20 VSWR while providing excellent attenuation flatness. Built for ruggedness the AHC attenuators are available in dB values of 1–12, 15, 20 and 30.

Aeroflex Inmet Inc. Vendor View
San Jose, CA (877) 367-7369,

RS No. 216

Programmable Attenuator

The model DVAT-0518-60-8-SK-196 is a programmable attenuator that operates in a fre- quency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz. This attenuator incorporates a new driver circuit with faster switching and more accurate attenuation. This model has low insertion loss and provides stable operation over temperature extremes. Switching between all attenuation levels is typically within 1 dB in 1.5 ms at 25°C. This attenuator offers sinewave scan modulation small- and large-signal bandwidth of 150 kHz and 75 kHz, respectively. The model DVAT-0518-60-8-SK-196 has temperature stability of ±2.5 dB over –10° to 85°C and ±3.5 dB over –40° to 95°C. Size: 2" x 1.81" x 0.5".

American Microwave Corp. Vendor View
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

RS No. 218

Waveguide Filter

The model WH220 is a WR112 ‘Waffle-Iron’ waveguide filter designed to handle 600 W av- erage/1000 W peak. This space flight worthy filter features typical insertion loss of < 0.10 dB and 1.15 maximum VSWR over the 7 to 9 GHz bandwidth while providing > 25 dB attenuation of the second and > 60 dB attenuation of the third harmonic. Through utilizing the company’s extensive modeling and in-house part machining capabilities the machined part requires no post assembly tuning leading to enhanced reliability.

Channel Microwave Corp.
Camarillo, CA (805) 482-7280,

RS No. 219

Wideband Temperature Variable Attenuator

This wideband temperature variable attenuator is optimized for performance from DC to 20 GHz. Using EMC’s patented Thermopad technology, the WTVA offers the best performance to date for high frequency applications including optimal temperature coefficients of attenuation (TCA) at frequencies from 12.4 GHz up to 20 GHz. These devices have been noted for their good performance and small size, measuring only 0.125" x 0.095" (3.17 x 2.41 mm). The WTVA wideband temperature variable attenuator is available in a wire bond gold finish with dB values from 2 to 6 dB and negative coefficients slopes from 0.003 to 0.006.

EMC Technology
Stuart, FL (772) 286-9300,

RS No. 220

Push-button Variable Attenuators

These ESA push-button attenuators are now available to manually insert attenuation in test and simulation applications. Attenuations up to 70 dB in 1 dB steps can be manually set as well as 0 to 10 dB in steps as small as 0.1 dB. Two frequency ranges are available, DC to 1 GHz or DC to 2.5 GHz. The attenuators can handle average powers ranging from 2 to 10 W. Connector options include N, BNC, SMA, TNC or 7/16. Delivery: stock to four weeks.

EPX Microwave Inc.
San Carlos, CA (650) 692-2198,

RS No. 221

Weather Sealed Notch Filter

The WSN-00280 is a weather resistant, high performance notch filter, providing low loss in frequencies from DC to 846.5 MHz and 869 to 891.5 MHz, while rejecting the 851 to 866 MHz NPSPAC and High Site Channels. When non-compatible systems are operating adjacent to one another (for example, across a freeway, in a tunnel and/or in a building) potential problems exist with interference due to their close proximity. These systems, either Public Safety and/or cellular sites, may have significant transmit energy enter their receive channels, and in many, case receiver de-sensitization occurs resulting in blocked transmissions. Size: 12.74" x 7.36" x 4.28", excluding connectors.

K&L Microwave
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,

RS No. 222

Surface-mount Notch Filter

The SDN series of ceramic, surface-mount notch filters range in center frequencies from 400 to 3500 MHz. Designed for standard industry bands, the typical insertion loss is 1.4 dB/1.75 dB (maximum) with a typical return loss of 14 dB/10 dB (maximum). Dimensions vary from 0.44"L x 0.55"W (maximum) ¥ 0.20"H (maximum) to 1.1"L x 0.55"W (maximum) ¥ 0.28"H (maximum).

Lark Engineering Co.
San Juan Capistrano, CA (949) 240-1233,

RS No. 223

Zero Bias Beamlead Detector Diode

The model MZBD-9161 is a GaAs beamlead detector diode designed for zero bias detecting applications at frequencies through 110 GHz. The MZBD-9161 offers low junction capacitance, superior stability and lower temperature coefficient than comparable silicon zero bias diodes.

Aeroflex/Metelics Inc. Vendor View
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 737-8181,

RS No. 217

Hybrid Dielectric Notch Filter

The 5BRX-830/40-S is a hybrid dielectric notch filter with bidirectional inputs. This filter features low passband insertion loss with a typical 3 dB bandwidth of 40 MHz. The VSWR is 2.0 from DC to 1200 MHz excluding the notch area. The notch depth is specified as 50 dB minimum over the central 12 MHz span. The unit features a 3.0 x 1.25 x 0.5 package size with SMA-female connectors.

Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100,

RS No. 224

Modular Coax Isolators and Circulators

These modular design isolators and circulators provide coax units with the inherent advantages of drop-in devices, including good heat sinking and high power terminations. Three models span frequency bands from 800 MHz to 14 GHz. Isolators can be equipped with 10 or 50 W terminations. Optional mounting hole geometries are provided. Additional designs are available with 200 W terminations and reverse power monitoring tabs. All models can be encapsulated for high peak power applications.

M2 Global Technology Ltd. Vendor View
San Antonio, TX (210) 561-4800,

RS No. 225

3 dB Hybrid Couplers

These high power, 3 dB hybrid couplers are useful in BTS applications for combining two transmitters to share one antenna or for use to distribute signals for in-building applications. Available in three bands: 400 to 520 MHz, 800 to 1000 MHz and 1700 to 2200 MHz. Unique air-line construction provides lowest possible insertion loss while delivering high isolation (30 dB typical), exceptional VSWR (1.10 typical) and superior phase balance (3 deg maximum). Rated for 500 W (maximum). These couplers are made in the US and are available from stock (36-month warranty).

MECA Electronics Vendor View
Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661,

RS No. 226

Directional Couplers

Two new models of low cost, fast delivery directional couplers are now available. These oc- tave directional couplers operate in a frequency range from 0.5 to 1 GHz and 1 to 2 GHz. Other specifications include 30 dB coupling (±1.5 dB), 0.090 dB maximum insertion loss, 18 dB minimum directivity and 1:17 maximum VSWR. The development of these components has resulted in MCLI being overstocked and willing to offer extremely low pricing. These items are available for delivery today.

Microwave Communications Laboratories Inc. (MCLI)
Saint Petersburg, FL (727) 344-6254,

RS No. 227

Broadband Fixed Attenuators

These VAT, HAT and UNAT fixed attenuators provide precision performance at economical prices. Covering from DC up to 6 GHz and available with attenuation values from 1 to 30 dB, the rugged attenuators feature innovative unibody construction for outstanding reliability. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these low-cost fixed attenuators offer the low VSWR, outstanding attenuation flatness, and repeatability that make them ideal for a wide range of laboratory and production applications, including for level control and impedance matching. Best of all, they provide high performance without a high price, with off-the-shelf availability to meet your needs now. Designer’s Kits are also available for immediate shipment.

Mini-Circuits Vendor View
Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500,

RS No. 228

Threshold Detector

The model TD-30T-SHS-218-30DBAMP Options DAC, DS, is an ultra-high speed, high sensitivity threshold detector. This detector is designed for broadband applications in the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range and offers an eight-bit digital control to adjust the threshold level and has TTL output. The size is 2.5" x 2.0" x 0.5" and the power supply is ±12 V.

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc. Vendor View
Frederick, MD (301) 631-1579,

RS No. 229

AMPS Diplexer

The part number 2DP-AMPS-75 is a diplexer with passbands of 824 to 849 and 869 to 894 MHz. Passband insertion loss comes in at less than 1 dB, a passband return loss of less than 16 dB, minimum channel-to-channel isolation of 75 dB, and is rated for input power of up to 500 W. It has a stellar IMD performance of less than –120 dBc. This unit can come with most any RF connector and is sized at only 2.65" high x 6.5" wide x 8.7" long.

Reactel Inc. Vendor View
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,

RS No. 230

3 dB Hybrid

This broadband quadrature hybrid handles 100 W and covers many popular telecom, P25/ PMR, military and homeland security applications. The new unit operates in a frequency range from 500 to 2500 MHz and offers typical insertion loss of 0.4 dB, directivity of 15 dB minimum, VSWR of 1.3 maximum and coupling of 3±0.9 dB typical. Power handling is 100 W CW. The device has standard SMT launches; however, connectivity options are available upon request. The package size is 1.55" x 1.40" x 0.77" and accommodates environmental extremes from –40° to +80°C.

Response Microwave Inc. Vendor View
Devens, MA (978) 772-3767,

RS No. 231

Miniature Ultra-flat Schottky Detectors

These miniature ultra-flat detectors utilize a zero-bias Schottky design. The microwave power is coupled directly to the extremely small components reducing package parasitics and transition mismatches. This design results in a low VSWR and a flat, smooth output over a wide bandwidth. Options available include negative or positive output, a choice of three output connectors and operation to 26.5 or 40 GHz.

RLC Electronics Inc.
Mount Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334,

RS No. 232

IMD Isolators and Circulators

This line of subminiature low loss and low IMD isolators and circulators is designed for the emerging WiMAX market. These isolators and circulators complement the company’s existing line of low loss and low IMD subminiature devices. This line operates in a frequency range that covers 2.5 to 2.7 GHz and 3.4 to 3.6 GHz. Specifications include: insertion loss of 0.15 dB maximum, isolation of 23 dB minimum, VSWR of 1.15 maximum and IMD of –82 dBc minimum at 2x tones 40 W (46.1 dBc) each. Size: 0.75" x 0.75" x 0.30" for circulator and 0.75" x 1.00" x 0.30" for isolator.

Star Microwave Inc.
San Jose, CA (408) 286-6994,

RS No. 233

RF Circular Connectors

The RF Circular connector family is designed for high performance applications. The insert arrangements are maximized to hold more impedance controlled size 16 type RF contacts than any other circular connector on the market today. The product line consists of shell sizes 15-25 and is based on the D38999 specification. The HDRFI™ RF contacts are press-in style and the connectors can accommodate standard D38999 back-shells and hardware.

Tensolite Co.
St. Augustine, FL (800) 458-9960,

RS No. 234


2.4 GHz Diplexers

This family of point-to-point and wireless band products includes the company’s newly re- leased 2.4 GHz diplexers. These units feature a combline cavity structure allowing high performance within a compact package. These diplexers are designed for low combining loss and high port-to-port isolation. The diplexers are frequency scalable from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz covering the Wireless Local Loop and WCS bands.

ClearComm Technologies LLC
Fruitland, MD (410) 860-0500,

RS No. 258

30 W Termination

The model 559-247-030 is a 50 W termination with a QN female bulkhead connector (other impedance values and connector types are available). QN connectors mate quickly without tools. This termination was developed for a base station application and offers low intermodulation distortion. These terminations are ideal for commercial, aerospace/military and test applications. This device is optimized for DC to 2500 MHz frequencies and the maximum VSWR is 1.15 (1.10 nominal). The average power is 30 W with an operating temperature range of –40° to +70°C.

BroadWave Technologies Inc.
Franklin, IN (317) 346-6101,

RS No. 235

High Power Termination

This high power termination will dissipate 200 W and operates in a frequency range from DC to 1 GHz. This device is available in two mounting styles, a two-hole flange 32-1201 and chip 82-3060. Each device is also available RoHS-compliant. Both versions represent a significant size reduction as compared to currently available 200 W components.

Florida RF Labs
Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594,

RS No. 236

Test Cables

These SilverLine™ TuffGrip™ test cables have been recently improved. The previous high flex life PVC/steel spring armor has been replaced with a full, 100 percent steel armor with anti-torque structure. The armor is then covered with an abrasion resistant, high temperature TPE jacket. TuffGrip is designed specifically to meet the field and testing needs of cellular infrastructure site test technicians.

Times Microwave Systems
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8400,

RS No. 238


High Power Amplifier

The model AMF-5B-09001050-40-39P is a high power amplifier (PA) that provides 7 W of X- band power. This model has an output P1dB of about 39 dBm from 9 to 10.5 GHz and 38 dBm from 7.5 to 11 GHz. Gain is 36 dB minimum, ±1 dB flat and typical noise figure is 3.5 dB. The model operates from –10° to +60°C base temperature range and draws about 4A from 15 V. It has internal regulation and protection, and a footprint of only 3.3" x 3.3".

MITEQ Inc. Vendor View
Hauppauge, NY (631) 436-7400,

RS No. 244

10 to 20 GHz Solid-state Amplifiers

These two solid-state amplifiers operate in a frequency range from 10 to 20 GHz. Models 5S10G20A and 20S10G20A, 5 and 20 W respectively, are 100 percent VSWR tolerant, have superior linearity and are ideal for EMC and wireless testing. At new price points of $21,500 for the 5 W model and $64,500 for the 20 W unit, the S10G20A amplifiers deliver both superior performance and exceptional value.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

RS No. 257

ISM Power Amplifier

The M/A-COM MAAPSS0081 is a new 2.4 to 2.5 GHz ISM three-stage power amplifier specifically designed for cordless applications that require both low control voltage and high performance. With its wide voltage operating range, the MAAPSS0081 is a dual-mode power amplifier that maximizes system performance while reducing DC power consumption. In the high power mode, the amplifier generates 25 dBm of output power while drawing 300 mA of current. In the low power mode, the output power is 17 dBm with a current of 110 mA. The amplifier is housed in a RoHS-compliant 3 mm 12-lead PQFN package. Price: $0.35 (100,000).

M/A-COM Inc. Vendor View
Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266,

RS No. 243

Solid-state Power Amplifier

The model BCPA-20-1000-25J is a solid-state power amplifier suitable for delivering reliable output power over the instantaneous frequency range of 20 to 1000 MHz. This PA is ideal for military communications and jamming platforms as well as commercial applications. The PA utilizes the latest in silicon LDMOS push-pull RF devices. These amplifiers feature: solid-state Class A/AB, silicon LDMOS RF technology, 20 to 1000 MHz 25 W, RF input signal of CW, FM, AM, PM, pulse, multi-tone and power gain at P1dB of 46 dB. Size: 6.40" x 3.40" x 1.1".

BC Systems Inc.
Setauket, NY (631) 751-9370,

RS No. 240

ALC Log Amplifiers

The ALC Log Amplifiers™ are designed for use in early warning radar receivers, threat de- tection equipment, electronic countermeasures and missile guidance systems. A logarithmic amplifier (or “log amplifier,” for short) is a specialty amplifier subsystem that is primarily used as an amplitude detector of input signal strength on the front-end of pulsed radar and other wideband electronic warfare systems. As a log amplifier provides an output voltage proportional to the logarithm of its input voltage (which is mathematically equivalent to the input power in dBm), the amplitude information is converted to a more usable format than other linear detection schemes.

Endwave Corp. Vendor View
San Jose, CA (408) 522-3100,

RS No. 241

Low Noise Amplifier

The model HMC392LC4 is a GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier that is rated from 3.5 to 7 GHz, and delivers 16 dB gain, 2.5 dB noise figure and +30 dBm output IP3. The HMC392LC4 is housed in a 4¥4 mm leadless ceramic SMT package, operates from a +5 V supply voltage and features RF I/Os that are DC blocked and matched to 50 W with no external components. Ideal for use as a low noise front end or as a LO driver amplifier for Hittite’s mixer products, the HMC392LC4 functions well in surface-mount, high reliability industrial, military and space applications.

Hittite Microwave Corp. Vendor View
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,

RS No. 242

Low Noise Amplifiers

These low noise amplifier modules cover up to 18 GHz in bands, with noise figures as low as 1.8 dB, gain as high as 28 dB (±2 dB or less) and P1dB output power up to 20 dBm. These amplifiers are excellent choices for applications ranging from broadband test equipment to various aerospace and defense systems, and meet MIL-STD-883. The NEL-0618T620-5MH low noise broadband amplifier, for example, covers 6 to 18 GHz, with P1dB output power of at least 20 dBm, gain of 28 dB ±2 dB or less and a noise figure of 4 dB. The NEL-0102N305-1MH low noise broadband amplifier covers 500 MHz to 2 GHz with a noise figure of 2 dB or less, gain of at least 28 dB ±0.5 dB and P1dB output power of at least 5 dBm.

Narda Microwave-East Vendor View
Hauppauge, NY (631) 231-1700,

RS No. 245

10 W Linear Power Amplifier

The model SM0825-40 is an 800 to 2500 MHz solid-state GaAs amplifier designed for multi- purpose use in wireless markets. With 1.7 GHz of bandwidth, this small amplifier can be used in most wireless applications. This module provides 39 dB of linear gain, +40 dBm of output power at P1dB and an OIP3 of +50 dBm. The gain slope over the full band is just ±0.75 dB. It comes standard in modular form with six thru-holes.

Stealth Microwave Inc.
Trenton, NJ (609) 538-8586,

RS No. 246

100 W Power Amplifiers

These 100 W power amplifiers with integrated signal source are currently available in three bands including 925 to 960 MHz, 1805 to 1880 MHz and 1930 to 1990 MHz. Each power amplifier has 50 dB of gain. An RF sample port, power detector and temperature sensor are included. The signal source can be configured to drive the RF power amplifier for a cost-effective test solution. The unit operates from 110 VAC. Customized versions are available.

Telemakus LLC
Folsom, CA (916) 458-6346,

RS No. 247


High Frequency Circuit Laminates

The RO4500™ laminates is a new addition to Rogers’ RO4000® product family of high performance antenna-grade materials. RO4500 glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates provide the controlled dielectric constant, low loss and passive intermodulation (PIM) response required by the wireless infrastructure market. They are designed for high volume commercial antenna applications, including communications cellular base stations and WiMAX networks. RO4500 laminates provide high thermal conductivity and uniform mechanical properties for improved power handling over a broad frequency range. They are fully compatible with conventional epoxy/glass (FR4) circuit board processing techniques.

Rogers Corp. Vendor View
Rogers, CT (480) 961-1382,

RS No. 248


Electromagnetic Design Software

AXIEM electromagnetic (EM) design software is an innovative and unprecedented design tool that delivers EM analysis as a true upfront design technology, where it benefits designers most by helping to diagnose issues early, thereby significantly shortening the design process. The AXIEM product was developed specifically for three-dimensional (3D) planar applications such as RF printed circuit boards (PCB) and modules, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC), monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and RFIC designs, which are the heart of today’s electronic designs.

Applied Wave Research Inc. Vendor View
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000,

RS No. 249

3D EM Solver

Utilizing the ability of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in modern computer graphics cards to stream floating point calculations, Remcom’s XFdtd full wave 3D EM solver achieves extremely fast calculation speeds via the XStream® Hardware FDTD option. The new Version 3.0 of XStream Hardware FDTD is now based on the NVIDIA FX 5600 GPU with 1.5 GBytes of accelerated memory. Calculation speed is comparable to an efficiently balanced computer cluster with between 16 and 64 nodes depending on problem size. There are three versions of XStream V 3.0 available: XStream V 3.0, XStream MicroCluster V 3.0 and XStream MiniCluster V 3.0.

Remcom Inc. Vendor View
State College, PA (814) 861-1299,

RS No. 250


Wideband VCO

The model CVCO55CW-0100-0200 is a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that operates from 100 to 200 MHz with a control voltage range of 0 to 5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of –108 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and has excellent linearity. The model CVCO55CW-0100-0200 is packaged in the industry standard 0.5" x 0.5" SMD package. Input voltage is 5 V, with a maximum current consumption of 25 mA. The CVCO55CW-0100-0200 is ideal for use in applications such as digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite communications systems and base stations.

Crystek Corp.
Fort Myers, FL (800) 237-3061,

RS No. 251

Frequency Synthesizers

The HLX series of phase-locked oscillators and frequency synthesizers are hermetically sealed, hybridized surface-mount products for use in military and other high-reliability ground mobile, shipboard and airborne applications. The products are available as fixed-frequency or serially-programmable frequency sources with outputs ranging from 50 MHz to over 12.5 GHz. Temperature ranges between –40° to +85°C and these synthesizers have a small package size of 0.81" x 0.81" x 0.15".

EM Research Inc.
Reno, NV (775) 345-2411,

RS No. 252

Amplified Multipliers

Series AMC (Active Multiplier Chain) is MMIC-based amplified multipliers that extend the range of sweepers and synthesizers. Three new models offer greater options and complete the frequency coverage of the AMC product line from 18 to 140 GHz in seven waveguide bands. The new AMC-12 and AMC-08 provide coverage across their entire respective frequency bands and an 18 to 40 GHz model provides K connector I/O for coaxial applications. These amplified multipliers can provide sufficient power for fundamental mixer LO drive when used with a low frequency fixed or tunable source. The AMC is a single compact module that can also be integrated with other Millitech multipliers to extend the frequency range up to 220 GHz.

Millitech Inc.
Northampton, MA (413) 582-9620,

RS No. 253

Miniature VCOs

This DCO and DXO micro series of miniature voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) are designed for C-band and X-band applications. These VCOs are based on Synergy’s proprietary patented technology and patents pending, which enhances bandwidth, reduces phase noise and improves immunity to phase hits. Several models are available with starting frequency at approximately 4 to 9 GHz, in tuning bandwidths of approximately 1000 MHz and tuning voltages ranging from 0 to a maximum of 24 V DC. These new series of VCOs are packaged in tiny VCO surface-mount packaging measuring 0.3"L x 0.3"W x 0.1"H, RoHS-compliant, and can be delivered in tape and reel for automatic assembly processes.

Synergy Microwave Corp.
Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,

RS No. 254

Frequency Converters

The C3430 frequency controlled crystal oscillator (FCXO) family is designed for use in wireline infrastructure, test and measurement, military applications and wireless infrastructure such as GSM, CDMA and W-CDMA base stations and point-to-point radio. Leveraging an integrated crystal-based phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit, the C3430 FCXO enables customers to convert one input frequency into as many as four independent output frequencies to simplify clock distribution, while its plug and play functionality helps organizations reduce total cost of ownership and research and development cycles. The C3430 frequency converter offers output frequencies up to 700 MHz in a unique oscillator design, leveraging a proven FR-4 surface-mount packaging design.

Vectron International
Hudson, NH (888) 328-7661,

RS No. 255

C-band Smart Synthesizer

The model SFS5280A-LF is an ultra-small smart synthesizer that eliminates external programming. This synthesizer is designed as a high quali- ty, fixed frequency stable signal source that makes life simpler for the system designer. The smart design takes care of locking every single time the circuit is switched on, or even every time it fails to lock due to external factors. The design includes features like lock detect. SFS5280A-LF delivers clean stable signal with reference spurious suppression better than –65 dBc and phase noise of –92 dBc/Hz from 1 to 10 kHz offset. SFS5280A-LF is designed to provide a stable signal source at 5280 MHz. The harmonic suppression of this smart unit is better than –20 dBc. This product is lead free and RoHS-compliant. Size: 0.60" x 0.60". Price: $49.00/unit (5 pcs min). Delivery: stock to four weeks.

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700,

RS No. 256