Acceleware® Corp., a developer of high performance computing (HPC) solutions, recently announced a partnership agreement through which Agilent® Technologies will resell the Acceleware acceleration products throughout its worldwide sales organization to Agilent Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS™) customers.

Agilent is the leading supplier of electronic design automation (EDA™) software for high-frequency system, circuit and modeling applications. Acceleware develops the fastest electromagnetic solver technology available on the market. These combined technologies will produce immense benefits for AMDS customers by increasing speeds of simulation processing by more than 35 times, thus reducing the time required to run a typical simulation from 10 hours to under 20 minutes.

“Acceleware’s technology significantly improves the productivity of our users in areas such as antenna design for wireless appliances and signal integrity by increasing the speed and size of simulations they can perform,” said Erwin De Baetselier, product marketing manager with Agilent’s EEsof EDA division. “Simulating devices with AMDS typically reduces design cycle time significantly, eliminating up to 75 percent of the modeling and setup time required by other types of EM simulators.”

Agilent’s AMDS is dedicated to antenna design applications. It imports, meshes and simulates an entire wireless device together with its surrounding real-world environment to analyze its compliance with standards such as hearing aid compatibility, specific absorption rate, antenna diversity and multiple-input, multiple-output.

Acceleware’s products, Accelerator™ Board and ClusterInABox™, are based on NVIDIA’s GPU Computing architecture and when paired with Agilent’s AMDS offer a high-speed turnkey simulation solution that can model antenna performance and cell phone regulatory compliance for cell phone manufacturers. Users of this combined Agilent/Acceleware offering are able to shorten the length of their design cycle while greatly increasing their level of accuracy. This solution is delivered as a deskside supercomputer that is simple to manage and available on-demand for engineers. Users additionally benefit from a significantly lower total cost of ownership as compared to traditional solutions of large, server room based computer clusters.

“AMDS customers are continually challenged with shorter product development cycles for many complex products,” said Ryan Schneider, Acceleware’s chief technology officer. “Our solution allows AMDS users to push the boundaries of innovation by shortening the time scales required to deliver faster and better quality products, which will ultimately provide the best possible customer experience.”