Auriga Measurement Systems LLC announced the opening of its European-based sales office in The Netherlands. The office will support all European sales and service for the company.

“With our recent increase in sales activity in Europe, it was mandatory that we have a team more accessible to our customers and potential customers on the Continent,” said David Menzer, founder of Auriga. “In the past year, we have seen more than fifty percent growth from the region and are anticipating higher growth as our new products gain visibility in the marketplace.”

Hi-Tech Electronics in The Netherlands, Auriga’s reseller for the Benelux territory, will work for Auriga as a dedicated sales management arm and technical support system for the rest of Europe. “Having Olaf Biezeman and Arnout Peters as our sales leaders in Europe will be great for Auriga as they will continue to build upon Auriga’s current reseller channel,” said Ted Lewis, director of sales and marketing for Auriga.

“We are very excited to be working with Auriga in this capacity,” said Olaf Biezeman, operations director, Europe for Auriga. “We believe our sales and support expertise is perfect to help the company meet, and exceed, its aggressive growth goals in Europe. The company’s commitment to support us remotely and have us function as a direct extension of the sales and service departments gives us a tremendous opportunity to build a first-class sales channel for the European RF microwave market space.” The European team will recruit representatives and resellers for Auriga, whichever is most efficient for supporting Auriga’s end-customers.

“This European management team will be responsible for recruiting, managing and supporting the Auriga channel for pre- and post sales. Olaf’s and Arnout’s deep understanding of our market, products and goals will allow Auriga to support our current and potential customers professionally and more efficiently,” said Lewis. Tier 1 and 2 service will also be managed from The Netherlands office by a dedicated technical resource in Europe.

The European office is comprised of: Olaf Biezeman; Arnout Peters, sales director, Europe; Jim Creed, applications manager, Europe; and Bjorn Hendrikx, account manager, Europe. They can be reached at telephone number: +[31] 346 550660 or by e-mail at