Agilent Technologies will be exhibiting its new One Box Wireless Networking Test Set for Mobile WiMAX devices and its support for MIMO, Wave 2 system profiles at European Microwave Week.

The new N8300A wireless networking test set and N6301A OFDMA measurement application software provide a complete one-box transmitter and receiver test solution for Mobile WiMAX devices.

Testing high volumes of Mobile WiMAX devices in manufacturing requires a standard-compliant physical layer test tool. With superior specifications, accurate measurement analysis and fast manufacturing test time, Agilent’s new solution meets the needs of manufacturing engineers testing WiMAX mobile subscriber devices or modules that use IEEE 802.16e-2005.

Agilent’s Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), Signal Studio and Mobile WiMAX Test Set measurement solutions have been enhanced to facilitate testing of the WiMAX Forum’s Wave 2 system profiles, including Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO).

The ability to test Wave 2 system profiles is crucial to the successful deployment of Mobile WiMAX products. Agilent’s measurement solutions include a range of new test capabilities that support physical (PHY) layer signal generation and analysis for Wave 2 system profiles. Specific capabilities include matrix A and matrix B signals for downlink, uplink collaborative MIMO, and creation of HARQ bursts and uplink sounding zones. The Agilent Signal Studio also provides MIMO fading embedded in a waveform. This capability enables testing of MIMO receivers without the added expense of fading hardware or software.

Agilent’s WiMAX portfolio of design and test solutions will be shown in the company’s Communications Pavilion on Stand no. 908.