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MmWave Test Solutions (mmWaveTest) designs and manufactures antenna test equipment for aerospace, defense, 5G, mm-wave wireless communications, and automotive radar applications. We produce all products in-house, allowing a vast amount of customization to adapt products to our customers' detailed requirements. Our focus is on three main domains: Modular Anechoic Chambers Multi-axis (3D) Positioners Supplementary test products for chambers and positioners Modular Anechoic Chambers The panel-based construction ranges from desktop to walk-in size and allows assembly and use in confined areas where ordinary chambers can not go. Our full-sized walk-in chambers are uniquely built from the inside of the chamber, requiring almost no exterior workspace during construction. If needed, they disassemble and can be relocated to a different building, thereby protecting your capital investment. In addition to the standard sizes, mmWaveTest offers customization to utilize any floor space to the maximum extent. 3D Positioners The DUO product line features high precision, high load, and accurate positions from tiny patch antennas to products of 20-inch width. Instrument-grade parts CNC-machined in POM / PET-P, the DUO positioners offer repetitive precision even under maximum load. The upper arm design is free from metal to minimize antenna and radar interference. Test Accessories Chamber and positioner accessories such as antenna stand (single or dual) with software-controllable antenna polarization, a 4-axis (X-Y-Z-AZ) gantry for repositioning radar targets in (up to) 4 m x 4 m x 4 m arrays, 6-axis 6-axis motion controller coordination for positioner and gantry concurrently.

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MmWave Test Solutions ApS
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