WTRS's new "WiMAX Emerging Technology Summer 2007 Report" finds three shifts in the market for wireless broadband services. First, WiMAX offers real competition to T1 in broadband backhaul systems. Second, WiMAX enables third-world emerging players and markets to leapfrog copper landline telecommunications infrastructure. And finally, WiMAX is, of course, a growing alternative to incumbent broadband services such as DSL, Cable Modem, fiber, and others.

"We are seeing strong adoption of WiMAX in specific markets," said Principal Analyst Kirsten West. "From a technology perspective, we predict 802.16e will rapidly supplant 802.16d in the marketplace due to its ability to provide mobility services in addition to the level of service enabled by fixed WiMAX."

The WTRS Report, "WiMAX Emerging Technology Summer 2007 Report" identifies other conclusions as well, including:

1) WiMAX market potential is highly dependent on the success of the technology in the Telecom sector.

2) Although not discussed much, development of WiMAX in Africa is progressing in countries as distinct as Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa. Competition for African markets will rage between India (ahead so far) and China, with western providers continuing to play a major role.

3) WiMAX market entry is greatly influenced by the global availability of spectrum.

4) Cellular service providers are predominantly interested in 802.16e mobile WiMAX.

5) WiMAX is a standardized wireless technology designed to offer connectivity and new services in a metropolitan area network (MAN).

6) Fixed WiMAX will have hurdles to cross in entering the US market.

7) The 4 geographic areas with greatest potential for WiMAX success are Japan, Asia, Africa, and Canada.

The "WiMAX Emerging Technology Summer 2007 Report" Report is 38 pages and contains 30 charts, tables and graphs. This report is a valuable resource for those who are evaluating entry into the market sector. The results are based on discussions with executive management from major participants in the marketplace, as well as our proprietary macroeconomic research tools.

WTRS (West Technology Research Solutions) is a California based research, publishing and consulting company focused on emerging wireless technologies.