In modern “on the move” military communications there is an increasing emphasis on performance in adverse conditions requiring compact, efficient and ruggedized packaging with a cost-effective price tag. With this philosophy in mind, Locus Microwave Inc. introduces the UB61000 series medium power X-band Block Up-converter (BUC) featuring an L-band input interface with X-band (7.9 to 8.4 GHz) power output ratings at 30 or 50 W.

This X-band BUC utilizes innovative packaging technology that combines rugged durability, compact size and low weight. The dimensions of the UB 61000 series are 11.0" x 6.8" x 5.25". The package is designed for outdoor military communication applications where it is critical to maximize use of limited space without sacrificing performance or durability.

The UB61000 is a single assembly, which eliminates the need for what would traditionally require a separate frequency converter and solid-state power amplifier. This entire unit tips the scales with a total weight of 13.6 pounds, which is believed to be the lowest weight and least volume of any similar unit on the market today.

The advanced packaging used by the UB61000 is also weatherized for the most rugged of conditions, including resistance to rain, sand and temperature extremes, making it an extremely reliable amplifier/frequency conversion solution. The UB61000 series includes precise thermal management based on forced air cooling over a custom designed heat sink assembly, keeping operating temperatures low within the unit.

The reliability and convenience of an integrated amplifier/up-converter along with a price comparable to a multi-unit approach makes the UB61000 an attractive solution for any commercial or military system integrator or other end user.

Technical Parameters

The Locus UB61000 series converts the L-band, 950 to 1450 MHz, input frequency range to the X-band, 7.9 to 8.4 GHz range using a phase-locked 6.95 GHz local oscillator and mixer, as illustrated in the system block diagram (see Figure 1). Amplification is provided at both the L-band IF frequency range and the 8 GHz output range, wherein a gain of 59 dB is typical. Key performance specifications for the UB61000-045 30 W Block Up-converter are shown in Table 1. In addition to the 30 W unit highlighted in the table, a 50 W version is available as well.

Figure 2 provides actual test data covering a variety of different performance parameters. The UB61000 series features temperature compensation included in the IF section of the converter to hold a nearly constant gain level over an approximate 100°C operating range. As illustrated in the figure, the output of the 30 W version of the UB61000 series at 1 dB compression is typically 45 dBm.


The X-band frequency range is generally considered the “military band.” The intended application for the Locus UB61000 series X-band Block Up-converter is military field operations. The phase noise, as shown in Figure 3, exceeds the standards of both MIL-STD-188-164 and IESS-308 requirements. Due to a combination of package durability, size and weight this unit is ideal for “on the move” applications as well as any satellite or point-to-point communications within the 7.9 to 8.4 GHz transmit frequency.


The Locus Microwave UB61000 series medium power X-band Block Up-converter offers a cost-effective solution for military communications where the transmit band is between 7.9 and 8.4 GHz. The industry leading size and weight coupled with cutting-edge performance provide an excellent alternative to traditional multi-unit solutions for satellite signal amplification. Additional information on the UB61000 or any Locus Microwave product may be obtained via e-mail at

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