Herley Industries Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Micro Systems Inc., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $1.8 M to develop and build a Radar Environment Simulator (RES) for an international customer.

Wayne Armstrong, general manager of Micro Systems, commented, "This is an important award for the company, which demonstrates the collaboration of three of Herley's operations: Micro Systems Inc.; EW Simulation Technology (EWST) in Farnborough, UK; and Herley's Tustin, CA operation, which specializes in RES Systems. EWST provides simulation systems used for EW training and test and evaluation applications."

Armstrong continued, "Our EWST subsidiary has supplied simulation equipment to naval, air force, army and civilian customers since 1984.

Since its acquisition, Herley has expanded EWST's international marketing efforts and added US-based business development, design engineering and manufacturing capability. With EWST, MSI and the Tustin, CA operations working together, Herley can address a wide variety of simulation requirements for customers using an approach that combines the best technology at a competitive price."