C-MAC Micro Technology, a leader in high-reliability electronic systems, modules and components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical and communications markets, has announced the addition of a conformal coating service to its ISO 17025 accredited test house offering. The new service will allow the company to provide a complete solution for the protection and test of printed circuit board assemblies, hybrid modules and other electronic components employed in harsh environments.

Conformal coating with a translucent acrylic or polyurethane material is vital for the long-term reliability of electronic systems and offers protection from condensation and airborne contaminates. The coating is applied by either dipping or spraying with meticulous attention to cleanliness, which ensures complete protection.

Conformal coating is an essential service for companies that design and manufacture electronic systems for applications in environments with high moisture content, such as systems deployed offshore for the oil and gas industry.

The service is also of particular interest to companies supplying electronics into applications that are susceptible to environmental degradation, including electronics used in the military, aerospace, medical and automotive markets. Indro Mukerjee, C-MAC’s CEO, commented, “The conformal coating service further establishes C-MAC’s focus on leading the way in high reliability electronic systems, modules and components for the automotive, medical, communications, offshore and aerospace industries. Providing a high quality conformal coating service in the UK is rare, combined with our expertise in manufacturing high reliability electronics, we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide a testing service of the highest quality.”

The conformal coat service joins the company’s wide range of ISO 17025 accredited test methods including temperature cycle and thermal shock; high humidity; salt mist and salt corrosion; high and low temperature storage; and insulation resistance.