StratEdge announces that its complete line of high performance semiconductor packages operating from DC to 50+ GHz is now available in hermetic versions. StratEdge packages fit applications for high speed digital (OC-48, OC-192, OC-768), mixed signal, broadband wireless, satellite, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, VSAT, and test in the aerospace, telecommunications, automotive and optoelectronics industries.

Development of a new technology that uses glass lamination and metallization enables StratEdge to make a hermetic version of its ceramic products. Packages that are available in hermetic versions include StratEdge’s LCC (low cost ceramic), SMX surface-mount package and SE50 series package. StratEdge’s molded ceramic series packages have always been hermetic.

All packages are lead-free, meet RoHS and WEEE compliance, and are manufactured in StratEdge’s ISO 9001:2000 facility in San Diego, CA.

The LCC family of packages is designed specifically for VSAT applications. These leaded ceramic microwave packages give excellent performance from DC to 23 GHz. Each features two or more RF leads and multiple DC leads. The leaded construction provides easy and cost-effective attachment to the next level of the system without sacrificing electrical performance so critical to microwave technology.

The SMX Series ceramic packages provide good electrical transition performance for die in the DC to 18 GHz range, although they have been used and performed well in applications beyond 18 GHz. The packages provide wideband electrical performance and incorporate copper composite bases for enhanced thermal dissipation. These are true surface-mount packages that allow automated assembly and soldering for high volume production of devices while maintaining device electrical and thermal performance.

The SE50 line of packages offers standard off-the-shelf package designs working between DC and 50 GHz. They meet the stringent requirements for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. With their standard copper composite base and patented microstrip-imbedded microstrip-microstrip transition design, the SE50 packages provide high electrical performance in a thermally stressful environment.

“The demand for hermetic packages for high frequency devices has increased as many new applications require a more ruggedized package that can withstand the elements and protect sensitive electronic devices,” said StratEdge president Tim Going. “It’s been difficult to produce a hermetic package that protects the electrical integrity of the chip while handling the thermal requirements. Our new technology solves the problem. All StratEdge packages, whether hermetic or non-hermetic, provide extremely high performance quality and reliability.”