Hittite Microwave Corp., a supplier of complete MMIC-based solutions for communication and military markets, has introduced four new connectorized passive GaAs MMIC I/Q mixer modules, which uniquely combine the attributes of excellent image rejection, wide IF bandwidth and high isolation, making them ideal for high performance telecommunications, military, space and test equipment applications from 6 to 23 GHz.

The HMC-C041, HMC-C042, HMC-C043 and HMC-C044 I/Q mixer modules provide RF/LO coverage of 6 to 10 GHz, 8.5 to 13.5 GHz, 11 to 16 GHz and 15 to 23 GHz, respectively. The HMC-C044 mixer typically exhibits 25 dB image rejection over the RF/LO range from 15 to 23 GHz, while the HMC-C041 mixer provides image rejection of 35 dB over the 7 to 8.5 GHz frequency range. The HMC-C042 has an IF bandwidth specified from DC to 2 GHz, while the HMC-C041, HMC-C043 and HMC-C044 provide wider IF bandwidths spanning DC to 3.5 GHz. Ideal for microwave radio applications, these mixer modules provide conversion loss as low as 7.5 dB, and deliver input IP3 as high as +28 dBm, while maintaining LO to RF isolation in the range of 35 to 45 dB.

These I/Q mixer modules offer a more reliable solution to open hybrid assemblies, and they may be used as either image reject mixers or single sideband upconverters. The HMC-C041, HMC-C042, HMC-C043 and HMC-044 are rated for operation over the -55° to +85°C temperature range, feature removable SMA connectors for drop-in microstrip and coplanar circuit applications, and can also be up-screened for military and space end-use.

The HMC-C041, HMC-C042, HMC-C043 and HMC-044 I/Q mixer modules complement Hittite’s broad range of high performance active and passive mixers, are packaged in a C-4 (41.66 x 36.32 x 8.5 mm) hermetic module and are available from stock.