Merrimac Industries Inc. announced that it received both an Internal Research And Development (IRAD) and a new co-design contract as a follow-on to the IRAD contract for multifunction integrated modules from General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics.

The initial design efforts are valued at approximately $500,000. Final design and manufacture of the subassembly modules from the IRAD contract was completed and delivered in April 2007.

Mason N. Carter, Merrimac chairman and CEO, commented, "Although we have had a long standing customer relationship with General Dynamics, this project has taken our relationship to a new level. The co-design relationship with General Dynamics is evolving into one of strategic significance.

Both Merrimac and General Dynamics design and process engineers are co-designing together and utilizing Multi-Mix® as the enabling technology to provide an integrated multifunction module for use in General Dynamics next generation satellite receivers."