GaN Power Amplifier
This GaN amplifier design, model number SSPA 7.6-7.8-150, produces 150+ W (P3dB) output power across this frequency band. This X-Band GaN power amplifier is smaller (4.85" × 7.95" × 1.42"), more efficient and offers higher power than conventional GaAs FET power amplifiers.
Aethercomm Inc.,
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 208-6002,


Equalized Cable Runs
The Cobham Cable Products group has integrated an adjustable equalizer with a variable attenuator module into an ETNC jack/ETNC jack bulkhead adapter for incorporation into cable runs. The result is cable runs of different cable sizes and lengths have matched, constant IL over broad frequency ranges. The design has been qualified for military airborne applications aboard jet aircraft. The frequency range is <0.5 to > 18 GHz, VSWR 2:1 maximum and it can correct differences > 25 dB over specified frequency band.
Cobham Antenna Systems,
Exeter, NH (603) 775-5200,


VCOs for Radio Applications
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. has a new set of VCOs for radio applications. The MAOC-009871, MAOC-009872 and MAOC-010334 meet the high performance requirements of high capacity digital radios by optimizing for low phase noise, wide tuning range, and low current consumption. Packaged in a lead-free 5 mm, 32-lead PQFN package, the VCOs feature an integrated buffer amplifier and excellent temperature stability. Operating with case temperature at or below +85°C, the VCOs allows for a MTBF of 2,500,000 hours. With a 5 V bias supply, these VCOs operate between the 8.4 to 11.8 GHz frequency band.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.,
Lowell, MA
(800) 366-2266,


9 to 10.5 GHz Power Amplifiers
Models C090105-50 and C090105-53 are X-Band high power rack-mount amplifiers operating over the 9 to 10.5 GHz bandwidth.  The model C090105-50 amplifier delivers 100 W minimum of output power across the entire bandwidth with greater than 52 dB of small signal gain. The model C090105-53 amplifier delivers 200 W minimum of output power across the entire bandwidth with greater than 52 dB of small signal gain.  These amplifiers can be factory tuned to provide 100 or 200 W for adjacent bands, including 8.5 to 9.6 GHz and 10.7 to 11.7 GHz. Enclosure size: 19" × 24" × 8.75" panel.  1.7 KW (for model C090105-53) typical.
Santa Clara, CA (408) 727-6666,


Ka-Band LNA
Model AMFW-7F-17702130-120-23P-WP is a low noise, high dynamic range weatherproof Ka-Band front-end, operating 17.7 to 21.3 GHz.  The aluminum alloy housing is sealed against most severe environmental conditions and is also fully EMI shielded. This LNA includes reverse voltage, over current and over temperature protection in addition to full internal regulation.  Total weight is approximately 800 grams, and dimensions are 156 × 70 × 51 mm.  It has a minimum gain of 60 dB, flat to within ±1 dB, and maximum noise temperature of 120 K° and is capable of a minimum of 23 dBm P1dB across the full band.  Noise temperature will typically change with base temperature of the LNA at a rate of 0.28 K/°C. 
Hauppauge, NY (631) 439-9469,


Solid-state Switch
PMI model P4T-0R1G20G-100-T-SFF is a single pole, four throw, solid-state absorptive switch that operates over the 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range.  This model provides 110 dB of isolation over the entire frequency range of operation and offers low insertion loss performance with fast switching speeds.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc., Frederick, MD (301) 662-5019,



DCS Duplexer
RADITEK’s DCS band surface-mount ceramic diplexer is a high performance DCS duplexer in a convenient surface-mount package.  It is used mainly for splitting transmit and receive signals to and from a common antenna. RDUP-1710-1785-1805-1880M-4415-3W-S-ca-j Series typical performance specifications are 3 dB insertion loss, 48 dB isolation/rejection, 13 dB return loss, -40° to +85°C operating temperature. These units are proven in the field and are fully RoHS compliant.
San Jose, CA (408) 266-7404,


Miniature Coaxial Switch
This  miniature coaxial switch is a single pole, two position type. The switch provides extremely high reliability, long life and excellent electrical performance characteristics over the frequency range of DC to 65 GHz. The miniature package utilizes high density packaging techniques, hence the overall volume of the switch is less than 3/4 cubic inch.
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY (914) 241-1




2-Way Combiner, 20 to 1000 MHz
The model D8682 is a high power combiner designed specifically for multi-octave, commercial and military solid-state amplifier applications. This model is only one of several Werlatone combiners available with full 20 to 1000 MHz bandwidth, at power levels ranging from 25 to 500 W CW. D8682 is rated at 500 W CW and will tolerate a full input failure at rated power with forced air cooling and 300 W CW without forced air cooling. 
Werlatone Inc.,
Patterson, NY (845) 278-2220,


Fixed Frequency Synthesizer
The SFS1900A-LF is a single frequency synthesizer that operates at 1900 MHz. This synthesizer features a typical phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset and typical sideband spurs of -70 dBc. It is designed to deliver a typical output power of 0 dBm with a VCO voltage supply of 5 V DC while drawing 25 mA (typical) and a phase locked loop voltage of 3.3 V DC while drawing 10 mA (typical) over the temperature range of -40° to +85°C. This package measures 0.60" × 0.60" × 0.13." It is available in tape-and-reel packaging for production requirements. 
Z-Communications Inc.,
Poway, CA (858) 621-2700,



Low Insertion Loss Filter 
The PB1446WB low insertion loss filter for C-Band receive satellite terminals comes in a compact and lightweight housing, which is suitable for ground or maritime satellite communications systems. It operates over a passband of 3.6 to 4.2 GHz and has an insertion loss of 0.25 dB typical. The filter also removes interference from radars and other transmitters operating in the area by providing over 60 dB of rejection from DC to 3.185 GHz and from 4.55 to 4.9 GHz. It also has over 90 dB of rejection from 4.9 to 11 GHz. Designed for harsh environments, it is manufactured in a rugged brazed structure with no tuning screws and no silver plating.

A1 Microwave Ltd.,
Pickering, UK +44 (0)1751 476600,


Switched Digital Attenuator
Aeroflex/Weinschel’s new model 4201-63 MMIC digital attenuator operates over the 0.4 to 6 GHz frequency range and provides an attenuation range from 0 to 63 dB in 1 dB increments. VSWR is 2:1 maximum. Attenuation accuracy is ± 1 dB or 4 percent. Insertion loss is 7 dB maximum, power rating is 20 dBm, switching time is 300 nSec maximum and operating voltage is -5 V at 10 mA. It uses SMA female connectors and the operating range is 0° to 70°C. Dimensions are 2.35" × 1.75" × 0.75."
Frederick, MD (301) 846-9222,


D/A Converters
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) introduced D/A (digital-to-analog) converters that provide high accuracy and ultra-low noise, simplifying the design of precision instrumentation and analytical equipment. The D/A converters incorporate integrated precision reference conditioning circuitry, making them system ready and providing a 60 percent reduction in board space compared to competing standalone data converters. The AD5790 D/A converter offers ±2-LSB accuracy at 20-bit, while the AD5780 features ±1-LSB accuracy at 18-bit over temperature. Guaranteed monotonic, the devices specify –1-LSB max DNL. The AD5790 and AD5780 D/A converters feature 1.1 µV peak-to-peak, low frequency output noise, 9-nV/rt-Hz noise spectral density and less than 0.05 ppm/°C temperature drift. The output can be configured for standard unipolar (+5 V, +10 V) or bipolar (±5 V, ±10 V) output ranges. 

Analog Devices Inc.,
Norwood, MA (781) 329-4700,

Resistive Power Divider/Combiner
Model 151270002 is a two-way, 50 Ω resistive power divider/combiner that has a DC to 6 GHz operating frequency range, 1.50:1 VSWR and SMA female connectors. This device exhibits 1 dB nominal insertion loss (above theoretical loss), ±0.5 dB amplitude tracking and is rated 2 W average power at the sum port. Applications for this unit include antenna sharing, intermodulation distortion measurements, diversity gain measurements and gain compression/isolation measurements. Model series 151270XXX* is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 way configurations (*insert desired configuration, two-way = 002).
BroadWave Technologies Inc.,
Greenwood, IN (317) 888-8316,


Compact SSPA with BUC
XTS-20KaL-B1 is a 20 W solid-state Ka-Band block up converter (BUC) for commercial and military Ka-Band satellite communications uplinks. It is designed for high data-rate satellite communications uplinks and is available covering 29 to 30 GHz, or 30 to 31 GHz. It features 10 W of linear power in an 18-pound antenna-mount package, measuring 11.6" × 5.5" × 6.5", and is energy efficient, typically consuming only 180 W. This rugged, compact and efficient product is optimized for transportable SATCOM terminals that require high linear power, and is designed to be mechanically interchangeable with existing Xicom solid-state products in X- and Ku-Bands for terminals designed to support multiple bands. 

Comtech Xicom Technology Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 213-3000,


Integrated Hybrid Combiner
Florida RF Labs has introduced a new and innovative solution for power combining and monitoring. The Doupler™ is a hybrid coupler and directional coupler integrated within a single SMT package. This novel approach brings together the benefits of reduced component count, lower insertion loss, and minimized PCB footprint. Doupler allows for simplified PCB layout that eliminates impedance mismatch and interference, which are inherent with the conventional approach. This technologically advanced product is available in all 3G and 4G frequency bands. When Doupler is complemented by EMC Technology’s Smart Detector power sensing terminations, a totally passive power combining and monitoring solution can be realized with the lowest loss and highest circuit reliability. 
Florida RF Labs,
Stuart, FL (772) 600-1632,


Time Delay/Phase Shifter
The HMC877LC3, Time Delay/Phase Shifter is ideal for clock chain and skew adjustment in 10G-RZ, 40G/100G RZ-DQPSK fiber optic applications. The HMC877LC3 is the first Time Delay/Phase Shifter product in the market to provide up to 1.4 UI (500°) continuously adjustable delay over a wide 8 to 23 GHz frequency range, while maintaining a constant differential output voltage. The device accepts either single-ended or differential input signals, while providing a 500 to 900 mVp-p programmable differential output swing. The HMC877LC3 provides a time delay/phase shift, which is linearly monotonic with respect to the differential delay control voltage, over a ±0.6 V tuning range. On-chip compensation circuitry ensures an extremely stable programmable time delay over both frequency and temperature. A high delay control modulation bandwidth (3 dB rolloff point) of 2.5 GHz combined with single +3.3 V operation also make the HMC877LC3 ideal forphase modulation in military and space, test and measurement and broadband applications.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA 
(978) 250-3343,


Power Combiner/Divider
Narda, an L-3 Communications company, introduced the model 30402 two-way RF power combiner that operates from 820 to 915 MHz, making it an excellent choice for use in wireless base stations. The model 30402 has a maximum VSWR of 1.3:1, insertion loss of 0.5 dB (3.5 dB including combining losses), isolation of 20 dB, amplitude balance of 0.2 dB, and phase balance of ±3°. As a combiner, the unit will handle 40 W average and 1.3 kW peak RF input power. As a divider it will handle 80 W average power and 3 kW peak power. It weighs 4.9 ounces and uses Type-N female connectors.
Narda Microwave-East,
Hauppauge, NY
(631) 231-1700,


High Power Switches
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has introduced a family of high power 50 Ω terminated, single-pole, double-throw switches. The small-package SKY13348-374LF and SKY13370-374LF are ideal for high power access points and router applications given their matched ports, which reduce low noise amplifier pulling and deliver better system performance.  Additional features include low insertion loss, high isolation and high linearity for improved data throughput.
Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,



RF Amplifier MMICs
Richardson RFPD Inc. announced off-the-shelf availability for a complete set of key building-block RF amplifiers, each of which has been designed specifically for enhanced performance in demanding applications, such as 3G/4G wireless communications systems. The product line is based on advanced semiconductor technologies, including InGaP HBT and Enhanced-Mode GaAs PHEMT (E-PHEMT), providing a superior combination of high dynamic range, low noise figure and low intermodulation distortion relative to P1dB. Applications include macrocell down to picocell and femtocell base station transmitter and receiver designs, tower-mount amplifiers, remote radio heads and RF repeaters. 
Freescale Semiconductor distributor
Richardson RFPD,
LaFox, IL
(630) 208-2700,


Push-pull Amplifier
The ZHL-132LM-75+ is a high performance, push-pull amplifier featuring low second-and third-order distortion products across its 40 to 1300 MHz bandwidth. Designed for a 6 V/256 mA typical power supply, with F connectors in/out, it is a high value, low cost solution providing a 14 dB gain for CATV, instrumentation, and many other applications at VHF, UHF, and lower L-Band frequencies. The rugged, aluminum alloy case measures 3.75" × 2" × 0.80"
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500,


Low Noise Amplifiers
As the industry’s first GPS LNAs to dynamically suppress strong cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN transmit signals, the NXP BGU700x family offers the best reception for weak GPS signals, delivering an improvement of 10 dB or better IP3 under -40 to -20 dBm jamming conditions, while the noise figure remains below 1 dB. Requiring only two external components, the BGU700x LNAs save up to 50 percent in PCB size and 10 percent in component cost. The NXP BGU700x/BGU8007 series use adaptive biasing to immediately detect any output power from jammers, and compensate by temporarily increasing the current. As a result, optimal GPS signal reception is maintained for as long as possible. Each device in the BGU700x/BGU8007 series requires only one input matching inductor and one supply decoupling capacitor to complete the design. This creates a very compact design and lowers the bill of materials. For example, the BGU7005 is in a 1.45 × 1 mm package with an application area of only 4.53 × 4.53 mm. 
NXP Semiconductors N.V.,
Eindhoven, Netherlands + 31 40 27 29960,



Designed for applications requiring high power densities and where forced air cooling is present, Ohmite has released a larger version of its MV/MA heatsink, which provides even more heat dissipation. The longer, more efficient fin extrusions on the new version give nearly twice the thermal performance as their smaller MV/MA 102 product. The MV/MA 302 heatsink is 2.2" × 1.71" and uses the same installation mechanism, which provides two internal spring clips for mounting up to four TO-247 or TO-264 devices.  The spring clips eliminate the need for mounting holes and screws, are resilient and provide the same amount of force after repeated use. 
Ohmite Manufacturing Co.,
Arlington Heights, IL
(847) 238-0300,



GaN on SiC Devices
Integra Technologies Inc. (ITI), a manufacturer of high power pulsed RF transistors, announced the development of two Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (GaN on SiC) technology devices targeted for the military communication market. Integra’s world class RF design team has launched several new products characterized for broadband applications ranging from 30 to 512 MHz to 100 to 1000 MHz. Intended for commercial broadband communication applications, including EW jammers, the unmatched devices provide a range of output power from 25 W to over 200 W in a low parasitic wide lead ceramic package.
Integra Technologies Inc.,
El Segundo, CA
(310) 606-0855,



3050 to 4250 MHz VCO
Crystek’s CVCO55CW-3050-4250 VCO operates from 3050 to 4250 MHz with a control voltage range of 1.5 to 18.5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -85 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset and has excellent linearity. Output power is typically +1.5 dBm. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the model CVCO55CW-3050-4250 is packaged in the industry-standard 0.5" × 0.5" SMD package. Input voltage is 5 V, with a maximum current consumption of 16 mA. Pulling and pushing are minimized to 5 MHz and 5 MHz/V, respectively. Second harmonic suppression is -15 dBc typical. The CVCO55CW-3050-4250 is ideal for use in applications, such as digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite communications systems and base stations.
Crystek Corp.,
Ft. Myers, FL
(800) 237-3061,


GPS Disciplined Oscillator
LC_1×1 is an extremely small Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) that has been designed for cost-sensitive LTE applications. LC_1×1 is backwards compatible to the popular Jackson Labs Technologies Inc. FireFly-IIA GPSDO, designed to meet stringent LTE holdover specifications that previously required Rubidium references. At only 1.6" × 1.9" × 0.8," LC_1×1 provides Stratum-1 long-term performance of typically better than 1 part per trillion (1E-12) averaged over 24 hours. LC_1×1 is available in a low profile (0.63" high) single-oven oscillator version, or a higher performance doubleoven oscillator version. LC_1×1 is a 10 MHz frequency and timing reference.
Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.,
Los Gatos, CA (408) 354-7888,

Test Equipment



PIM Analyzer
Anritsu Co. introduces the MW8209A PIM Master, a passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer that covers the 900 MHz band to address the growing need to measure PIM in E-GSM networks, including UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8. Designed for use with Anritsu handheld analyzers, the MW8209A comes with Anritsu’s Distance-to-PIM technology, the only tool on the market that can determine if the cause of PIM is at the base station or in the surrounding environment. Field engineers and technicians can use the MW8209A to help ensure optimum performance of UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 networks by locating PIM faults before intermodulation distortion adversely affects signal transmission. The MW8209A has been designed to be integrated with Anritsu’s handheld instruments, including the S332E/S362E Site Master™ cable and antenna analyzers, MS2712E/MS2713E and MS272xC Spectrum Master™ handheld spectrum analyzers, MT8212E/MT8213E Cell Master™ handheld analyzers and the MT8221B/MT8222A BTS Master™ handheld analyzers. 
Anritsu Co.,
Morgan Hill, CA (800) 267-4878,


Phase-locked Crystal Oscillator
The PLXO-100 is a phase-locked crystal oscillator operating at 100 MHz in a miniature connectorized package (1.5" × 1.5" × 0.6"). Locked to an external 10 MHz frequency reference, the device exhibits exceptionally low phase noise (-130 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset), low spurs (-70 dBc), +0 dBm output power on a supply voltage of +12 V DC. The addition of an internal reference-detect switch enables the user to employ the external frequency reference that, if disabled, will automatically switch to an internal 10 MHz reference, thereby providing uninterrupted use of the PLXO-100. EM Research offers the PLXO Series in a surface-mount (0.9" × 0.9" × 0.15") or connectorized package at custom fixed-frequencies from 5 to > 500 MHz.  The PLXO Series features low jitter (< 0.05 pSec. RMS at 100 MHz, typical), optional internal references and select supply voltages (+3.3, +5, +8, +12  or +15 V DC). 
EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV (775) 345-2411,


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
This hardware option turns the R&S RTO high performance oscilloscope into a mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), enabling quick, accurate testing of complex embedded design. In addition to the usual two or four analog channels, the oscilloscope now features 16 digital logic channels with 400 MHz input frequency, while fully utilizing the benefits of the base unit for mixed signal analysis. Equipped with the MSO option, the R&S RTO allows time correlation between the instrument’s analog and digital sections. The option comes with hardware-based acquisition, trigger and processing units. Even when the digital channels are on, high acquisition rates of over 200,000 waveforms/second can be achieved. 
Rohde & Schwarz,
Munich, Germany
+49 89 4129-13779,