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Mercury Computer Systems has introduced the first 16 GHz Digital Frequency Discriminator (DFD) with Phase Modulation on Pulse (PMOP) detection. The FM021814 blends the ability to generate phase and frequency information data streams, providing highly reliable and accurate information instantaneously. Mercury’s digital frequency discriminators provide a compelling competitive advantage in terms of performance, size and cost for critical defense applications.

The FM021800 series of Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) products monitor the entire 2 to 18 GHz band, instantaneously. These receivers are capable of sampling rates up to 80 MHz and measuring pulses as short as 50 ns and up to CW signals. Phase data can be sampled “on command” at 80 MHz with eight-bit resolution or delivered as continuously streaming information at 40 MHz. Streaming data allows users to detect PMOP with extremely low latency, while buffered dat

a allows the user to analyze the information with greater resolution and accuracy.


Mechanically, these DIFMs are designed to comply with demanding airborne specifications and operate over a temperature range of −40° to +85°C. The FM021814 standard output is a 14-bit digital word that represents the RF input frequency with a nominal frequency resolution of 1 MHz and an RMS accuracy of < 3 MHz. User-defined parameters include sensitivity/dynamic range, triggering/sampling, output data format, data flags and mounting locations. The output format can be modified to emulate existing systems. Applications include airborne/ground systems, radar warning receivers, spectral intelligence and system testing/verification. The unit is packaged in a small, 65 cubic inch form factor, weighing 2.75 pounds.

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