P1dB announces YouForm™ high quality, low cost jacketed hand formable cables that feature stainless steel SMA plugs on each end and are now available in straight and right angle configurations.

100 percent VSWR tested 1.35:1 at 18 GHz for SMA straight connectors and 1.35:1 at 10 GHz for SMA right angle. YouForm cables are available in 2 diameters: 0.085 (0.102(OD) and 0.141 (0.161(OD).

Lengths from 2" to 18" are in stock for one low price US$9.95 each for straight SMAs; US$13.95 for straight to right angle SMAs and US$14.95 for SMA right angle to right angle.

Longer lengths are available at a slightly higher price. Applications include RF and microwave rack mounted systems, radar, base stations, module to module links, communications systems and military COTS.

For more information and/or a free 12" sample, click Here or call RFMW Ltd. exclusive distributor for P1dB cables: (877) 367-7369 or (408) 414-1450.