The US Marine Corps has awarded Northrop Grumman Corp. a contract valued at $256.6 M to develop its new Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR), which consolidates the missions of five Marine Corps radars into a multi-role radar system.

The contract scope of work during this first program phase includes system development, fabrication and test of the Increment I system, low rate initial production of two G/ATOR systems and full rate production of an additional 15 systems, and logistic support.

G/ATOR is a highly mobile system intended to fully support the Marine Corps’ expeditionary warfare requirements. The new radar system will provide the Marines with enhanced capabilities to detect, track and provide target quality data to engage hostile aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned air vehicles, rockets, mortars and artillery.

G/ATOR will also provide robust air traffic control capabilities to enhance the safety of Marine Corps air operations. G/ATOR will enable enhanced operational capabilities using Northrop Grumman’s proven Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar technology.

This AESA architecture will allow G/ATOR to provide multi-mission performance and the ability to automatically adapt to dynamic battlefield conditions, at significantly lower operations and maintenance costs, compared to existing radar systems.

G/ATOR incorporates a scaleable open system architecture and multi-network connectivity to ensure compatibility with Navy, other US Department of Defense and allied command and control systems.

“We look forward to teaming with the Marine Corps and leveraging Northrop Grumman’s decades of expertise and experience in designing and building mobile air defense radar systems,” said Emmitt E. Gibson, vice president of Ground Based Tactical Radars at Northrop Grumman.

“Our company brings extensive capabilities in data fusion, correlation, tracking and network connectivity to the Marine Corps’ next generation multi-mission radar system.”