In early summer 2002, Engalco released its second issue report on Active Microwave Modules - Markets to 2007 (AMMNA02). This report forecast that the overall total available merchant market for this class of microwave products will grow from the $2.3 B level this current year (2002) to exceed $3.9 B in 2007.

The study includes detailed market data on: electronic switches (both PIN- and MMIC-based), VCOs, DROs, YIG oscillators, linear amplifiers, fixed wireless RFICs, frequency synthesizers and other relatively complex function modules.

The first report published by Engalco that provided these data was in 1995 ("Microwaves North America") and this specific product family was first reported upon in 2001.

In AMMNA02, a new approach has been adopted: notably the top group of companies addressing various product categories are identified and the end-user segmentation is appropriately adjusted. The radically changed industry dynamics since 2001 are accounted for including the current saturation of the cell phone market and the strengthening of the defense sector. A full supply-side industry directory is included.

Each year, the lead is taken by frequency synthesizers with markets for these types of modules worth over $700 M in 2002 and forecast to exceed $1 B in 2007.

Fixed wireless RFICs and linear amplifiers occupy second and third places in the ranking. In contrast to previous years, especially pre-2001 when telecoms, including cell phones, made most of the running, the defense sector is now increasingly important again and this fact is reflected in all the market segmentation. For further information, contact Terry Edwards at