Raytheon Co. has been awarded a $118.7 M contract from the US Navy for the second year for low rate initial production of the Evolved SEASPARROW Missile (ESSM).

This award includes funding for 163 all-up-roundmissiles. Raytheon also has been awarded a $6 M contract for ESSM radome production.

ESSM is an advanced ship self-defense missile, designed to protect ships by destroying currently fielded and near-term projected anti-ship missiles, particularly those that fly at low altitudes and maneuver during their terminal flight phase.

Raytheon is producing ESSM at its Missile System business in Tucson, AZ.

It is being produced for the US Navy and nine other member nations of the NATO SEASPARROW Consortium: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Turkey.

Other nations also are considering ESSM for their ship self-defense needs. Raytheon delivered the first production ESSM to the Navy in September 2002.