SUSS MicroTec and DELTA (Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics) have launched MEMUNITY on, which is a Web site forum for those involved, or interested, in MEMS testing. It results from the Eurimus-funded MICROTEST project, which aims to develop special test systems for unpackaged MEMS and bring equipment and device manufacturers together to promote standardization and knowledge sharing.

The forum is intended not only to provide information on all manner of MEMS test topics, including news, technical papers, conference dates, etc., but also offers members the chance to submit devices which will then be evaluated for their test suitability without obligation. If suitable, and so desired, equipment will be configured according to their specific testing needs.

MEMUNITY is born out of recognition that the cost of devices is a major prohibiting factor for the widespread use of MEMS in diverse applications. Testing at wafer level, before the device is packaged, can not only reduce production costs, it also aids process optimisation and speeds up time to data during the design stages.

As Frank-Michael Werner, SUSS' product manager for MEMS Test Systems explains, "By testing at wafer level, the exorbitant packaging costs will not be wasted on bad die, thus bringing the cost of the end devices down to an acceptable level."