Raytheon Co. has been awarded a $36.9 M contract for production of its ALR-67 (V) 3 radar warning receiver system for the US Navy. The ALR-67 (V) 3 is the state-of-the-art radar warning receiver on the US Navy F/A 18E/F carrier-based tactical aircraft and recently completed a successful initial deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The production award represents the fifth full rate production lot awarded to Raytheon. Low rate initial production of the system began in June 1998, followed by full rate production (Lot 1) in August 1999. The current award was received from the US Navy's Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, MD, and calls for the delivery of 30 radar warning receivers.

Deliveries of the system under the Lot 5 contract will begin in February 2005 and are expected to be complete by September 2005. The system, designated the AN/ALR-67 (V) 3, provides advanced techniques to detect and identify threat radar emitters, thereby enhancing the survivability of aircraft equipped with the system. A total of 209 radar warning receivers plus spares have now been ordered under the overall production program. Work on the radar warning receiver is being done by the company's Electronic Warfare Systems organization in Goleta, CA, with support provided by facilities in El Segundo, CA, Andover, MA, Forest, MI, and Dallas, TX.

The ALR-67 (V) 3 is designed to enhance the survivability of aircrews by providing situational awareness in today's complex electronic warfare environments. This includes emitter identification, extended capabilities in detection and processing, threat location and potential lethality. Raytheon has packaged the channelized radar warning receiver into an extraordinarily lightweight 100-pound system that is designed to meet the Navy's electronic warfare requirements well into the 21st century.