The Hybrid Microcircuits group at Raytheon Systems Limited's (RSL) Glenrothes facility in Fife has achieved full Qualified Manufacturer Listing (QML) - the US Department of Defense (DoD) approval of capability.

QML listings exist for a wide variety of components, and QML-38534 specifically relates to the manufacture of hybrids.

Notably, the RSL unit is only the second UK facility on the list, out of a total of 39, with only five of these being outside the US.

As some 75 percent of Glenrothes' work is related to US defence, this is a significant approval for the facility and is expected to lead to additional business for Glenrothes, particularly within airborne radar programmes for the US Air Force and US Navy.

RSL is already a major supplier of such systems to the UK Ministry of Defence.