Harris Corp., a world leader in multi-band satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals for the US Department of Defense, announced that it has delivered 13 of the first 28 transit case-configured Lightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminals (LMST) to the US Marine Corps.

The highly mobile LMST ground terminals provide deployed military forces with reach-back to headquarters operations as well as satellite-based voice, video and data communications connectivity within the battlefield.

Under the terms of the contract, Harris is responsible for program management, training, depot support and production for the LMST Block 5 ground terminal program.

The terminals provide military X- and Ka-band satellite-based voice, video and data communications.

Through Block 5 enhancements such as a six-spoke hub with a reach-back capability, LMST now offers significantly greater capability and flexibility than previous generations of the terminals, as well as six times the number of communications links and double the bandwidth capacity. LMST is designed to be modular and configurable for various missions, such as humanitarian, disaster relief and regional conflicts.