The University of Juarez (UACJ), Mexico, has selected SUSS MicroTec’s advanced wafer bonding equipment for its research laboratory. UACJ is an integral member of the Paso del Norte (PDN) Regional MEMS Cluster and a key player in supporting bi-national innovation and entrepreneurial development in Mexico.

The cluster consists of academia, government research labs and industry, and is focused on commercialization opportunities in MEMS packaging. The UACJ research facility will use SUSS’s SB6e semi-automated wafer bonder, BA6 bond aligner and FC150 device bonder to develop and advance MEMS prototyping processes in Mexico.

“The SUSS products are key acquisitions for our laboratory,” said Jose Mireles, professor at UACJ. “By providing precision wafer bonding processing technology in a semi-automatic format, the SB6e Bonder is the perfect solution for engaging in research and at the same time facilitating technology transfer to a full-scale production setting. Also, the FC150 device bonder’s versatility for flip chip and MEMS bonding is ideal for research in today’s hybrid packaging. We thank the funding from the Economy Minister of Mexico, as well as the endless support for pushing the MEMS Technology initiative in Mexico by the Mexico-US Foundation for Science.”

In reply Michael Kipp, president, Wafer Bonder Division, SUSS MicroTec USA, commented, “Packaging and test are critical steps for MEMS devices, since much of the product cost is associated with these two operations. We are pleased to support the University of Juarez as they work to promote MEMS packaging technologies in Mexico.”