Motion and Gesture Sensing with Radar

By Jian Wang and Jaime Lien

As a senior antenna engineer with a keen interest in radar technology, Motion and Gesture Sensing with Radar by Jian Wang and Jaime Lien presents a refreshing perspective on a technology that many consider mature. This book steps into the exciting topic of radar integration into consumer devices. It offers a valuable resource for engineers and students, emphasizing clarity and practicality. The authors begin with a fundamental premise: radar, long associated with defense and aerospace, is now making its way into everyday consumer applications. It is an exciting shift that calls for a fresh look at radar theory and design, specifically tailored to the requirements and challenges of consumer technology. One of the book’s standout features is its clear and comprehensive coverage. Several chapters are dedicated to radar hardware, waveforms/modulations, signal processing and detection. This approach ensures that the reader not only understands the theory but also gains insight into practical design procedures, analysis tools and real-world examples. This is particularly helpful for engineering students looking to apply radar technology to motion sensing, gesture controls and more. Furthermore, the book acknowledges the growing role of machine learning in enhancing the capabilities of consumer radar, which is a widely discussed topic on its own. In summary, this book offers a comprehensive view of radar systems tailored for consumer applications, emphasizing clarity and practicality for engineering students and professionals. It provides an exciting glimpse into the future of radar sensing. Motion and Gesture Sensing with Radar is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the promising intersection of radar technology and consumer devices.

Review by: Katerina Galitskaya

ISBN 13: 9781630818234
Pages: 288
Digital download: $123

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