ZTE Corporation collaborated with China Mobile's Zhejiang Branch and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to achieve a groundbreaking milestone in 5.4 Gbps peak data rates. Through the industry's first end-to-end field test of three Carrier Component Carrier Aggregation (3CC CA) combined with 1024-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (1024QAM) in Jiaxing, the test showcased a single user downlink peak rate surpassing 5.4 Gbps. This achievement represents a significant boost in network capability and user experience.

This validation harnessed new 5G-A features to fully unlock the spectrum potential of 5G commercial networks, thereby enhancing network capabilities and user experience. Furthermore, it showcased the efficacy of 5G-A technology in fostering rapid and efficient collaboration across various segments of the industry chain, including system products, commercial chips and terminals. This demonstration provides an important reference point for accelerating the commercialization of 5G-A.

As one of the "5G-Advanced Dual-Chain Integration Innovation Demonstration Bases," China Mobile Zhejiang Branch is leveraging its high-quality commercial 5G network to gradually implement 5G-A air interface enhancement technologies. The aim is to expand the information highway and fully cater to the demanding requirements of emerging services such as VR smart experiences, ultra-high-definition live broadcasting and glasses-free 3D.

Since 2024, China Mobile's Zhejiang Branch, in close cooperation with ZTE and Qualcomm Technologies has conducted the world's first end-to-end commercial verification of downlink 3CC CA with 1024QAM in Jiaxing with the total bandwidth of 260 MHz on 2.6 GHz and 4.9 GHz. 1024QAM, a higher-order modulation technology defined in Release 17, can transmit 10 bits of data in a single symbol and can be used in conjunction with 3CC CA, improving peak data rate and spectral efficiency by 25 percent over 256QAM in the same bandwidth.

The verification utilized ZTE's commercial 5G network equipment and test device powered by the world's first 5G Advanced-ready modem and RF system, Qualcomm Technologies' Snapdragon® X75. The field test results showed that the combination of these two 5G-A features can achieve a single user downlink data rate of over 5.4 Gbps.

Moving forward, China Mobile's Zhejiang Branch, ZTE and Qualcomm Technologies will continue to drive innovative practices and technological advancements. Through the release of 5G's potential via technical innovation and large-scale commercial use, they aim to further advance the transformation into an intelligent society, and enhance the quality and efficiency of thae digital economy.