5G Mitigation Filter for C-Band

A1 Microwave has expanded their range of C-Band receive filters for satellite ground installations to include off-the-shelf components that are fully compliant with the RED and BLUE spectrum masks. In addition to the close-in 5G rejection, they also feature transmit band rejection as well as X-Band radar for use in naval applications. This includes a recent trial for the UK Royal Navy as well as hundreds of installations on cruise ships and terrestrial news-gathering equipment.

A1 Microwave

High-Power RF Fixed Attenuators

Fairview Microwave has announced the release of its RF fixed attenuators with 2.4 mm connectors, boasting high-power ratings of up to 5 watts (CW) and a frequency range of up to 50 GHz. The new RF fixed attenuators with 2.4 mm connectors are designed to meet the evolving needs of RF professionals and engineers, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. They are the ideal solution for those seeking precision control over RF signals while ensuring stability and reliability in demanding applications.

Fairview Microwave

2-Way Power Divider

KRYTAR Inc. announced a new two-way power divider offering high performance over the ultra-broadband frequency range of 4 to 40 GHz (C- through Ka-Bands) in a compact package. The new power divider offers the ultimate solution for emerging designs and test and measurement applications, including mmWave, 5G, radar, satellite communications and more. KRYTAR’s technological advances provide excellent operating performance of this new two-way unit.


Ultra-Wideband 16-Way Power Divider/Combiner

The MIcable 6 to 40 GHz ultra-wideband 16-way power divider/combiner P16N060400 can accept a 6 to 40 GHz signal and deliver 16 output signals with extremely good amplitude unbalance (±0.3 dB typical) and phase unbalance (±6 degrees typical). Due to wide bandwidth, excellent VSWR (< 1.3:1 typical), insertion loss (> 5 dB typical) and isolation (> 18 dB typical), it can be widely applied in 5G, testing, instruments and other related fields that need wideband high performance signal distribution network.

MIcable Inc.

Power Splitter

Mini-Circuits’ model SPL-2G42G50W4+ is a coaxial active power splitter with more than 360 degrees and a phase-shift range from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. With an I2C control interface, it tunes phase with 1 degrees resolution, with 165 degrees of the range continuously variable. The active power splitter adjusts attenuation in 0.5 dB steps over a minimum 30 dB range. The active power splitter is equipped with MCX female connectors and exhibits 1 dB typical insertion loss. It draws 650 mA typical current from a +5 VDC supply.


High Q Low ESR Capacitors

Passive Plus’ product offering includes traditional high Q low ESR 1111 (0.110 × 0.110 in.) multi-layer ceramic capacitors for ultra-high frequency/microwave RF power amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, filter networks, low noise amplifiers, timing circuits and delay lines. These capacitors are available in two dielectrics (P90 or NP0); three different terminations: magnetic (100% Sn - solder over nickel plating), non-magnetic (100% Sn - solder over copper plating) and tin/lead (90% Sn 10% Pb - solder over nickel plating) and are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123.

Passive Plus

Analog Phase Shifter

Quantic PMI model number PS-5G18G-400-A-SFF is a 5 to 18 GHz, low phase noise, analog phase shifter with capability for phase shifting from 0 to 400 degrees. The unit operates from a single positive control voltage of 0 to +10 VDC with a phase voltage sensitivity of 40 degrees per volt. This model offers a typical modulation bandwidth of 50 MHz and is supplied in a PE2 housing measuring only 1.08 × 0.71 × 0.29 in. and can be used with the SMA connectors or in a surface-mount configuration.

Quantic PMI

Lowpass Filters

Richardson RFPD Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, announced the availability and full design support capabilities for two families of lowpass filters from CTS Corporation. The RLF and XLF series are optimized to support 3GPP standards that require harmonic suppression through fifth-order harmonics. Both series provide complete solutions for harmonic rejection for wireless infrastructure applications. The RLF family offers extremely low insertion loss (3 to 5 dB, maximum) and superior close-in rejection and attenuation. They are suitable for up to 20 W of average power and 200 W of peak modulated power.

Richardson RFPD Inc.