Keysight Technologies, Inc. has had a test tool validated for the FiRa 2.0 Certification release, covering physical layer (PHY) conformance testing. The latest FiRa PHY Technical and Test Specifications introduce enhancements to the performance and interoperability test requirements for ultra-wideband (UWB) device conformance tests.

UWB is a low energy radio technology used for high-bandwidth communications for high-precision ranging over a wide spectrum. In dense and challenging environments, UWB offers better performance in terms of precision, reliability, security and power consumption than other communications technologies. The FiRa 2.0 Certification Program offers more rigorous testing for UWB device makers to enable compatibility and functionality across diverse applications, including smart homes, automotive systems and industrial automation.

To assist device makers with meeting the challenges of testing against FiRa 2.0 specifications, Keysight introduced support for FiRa 2.0 test cases in its UWB Test Solution. As a FiRa validated test tool for the new specifications, the UWB Test Solution provides a wrap-around toolset covering the full design lifecycle from R&D to certification to manufacturing.

The Keysight UWB Test Solution provides the following benefits:

  • RF validation: Ensures that the device under test (DUT) meets the RF performance requirements
  • Angle of arrival measurement: Verifies that the DUT measures signal angle correctly based on the phase difference to ensure accurate positioning
  • Time of flight measurements: Validates that the DUT reports signal flight time as expected for accurate distance calculation which, is essential for accurate positioning
  • Accelerates manufacturing: Speeds up UWB device RF validation on the manufacturing line.

Michael Stark, Ph.D., FiRa's compliance and certification working group co-chair, said, "The success of UWB lies in delivering seamless user experiences and device interoperability. We're pleased to have Keysight's UWB Test Solution, a FiRa Validated Test Tool, as part of the 2.0 Certification Program."

Peng Cao, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Wireless Test Group, said, "With the speed of ultra-wideband innovation and adoption accelerating, device makers are looking for proven and validated test solutions that keep pace with the latest FiRa specifications and interoperability standards. Keysight is proud that the UWB Test Solution has been validated into the FiRa 2.0 Certification Program to provide device makers worldwide with the conformance testing tools they need to bring their products to market quickly."