Just one month after raising €15 million in funding, Greenerwave unveils its first satellite communications (SATCOM) user terminal designed to revolutionize the SATCOM landscape. Leveraging unique design and AI-driven technology, the terminal maintains high-speed connectivity between any type of GEO and LEO satellites, even when on-the-move. Agnostic, easy to integrate and transport, competitive, low-consumption, agile and universal, this Ku-Band terminal can adapt its configuration in real time to meet all SATCOM needs, taking full advantage of its potential and making it accessible to a wider audience. Finally, a solution directly addressing new and future civilian and military challenges like on-the-move connectivity and the end of white zones.

This first terminal in Greenerwave’s lineup is available for pre-order.

LEO satellites represent the future of telecom infrastructure, but their potential remains underutilized due to the lack of appropriate terminals. Traditional antennas (satellite dishes) do not fully meet the needs of a market seeking solutions that are easier to integrate. However, alternative solutions relying on intelligent electronic antennas are often energy-intensive, limiting their ability to satisfy the mass market demand targeted by mega-constellation operators.

With its competitive and energy-efficient technology, Greenerwave aims to support operators entering new markets with connectivity solutions that align with current demands.

This is the challenge that Greenerwave addresses with its terminal designed and engineered to be compatible with all satellite communication use cases. The French deeptech company unveils a terminal with unparalleled performance and size, weight and power, weighing less than 7 kg, capable of directing waves towards a specific device – such as a geostationary satellite or a satellite in motion (LEO) – by adapting to its position in real time. Designed entirely in-house, the terminal relies on a minimally complex hardware architecture and control software based on highly advanced algorithms that combine the worlds of physics and artificial intelligence. Configured by the software and optimized by AI, the terminal can seamlessly transition between beams and adjust its frequency range to establish a connection with any satellite according to the user's needs.

Greenerwave's SATCOM terminal uses a unique technology based on the company's reconfigurable intelligent surfaces and paves the way for democratizing communications for new constellations through its more cost-effective, lighter and energy-efficient approach. This is a crucial issue at a time when companies, governments and organizations – whether military or non-governmental –  require stable satellite connections to maintain the continuity of their services.

This innovative flat user terminal also optimally meets the civilian and military needs for satellite communication both on the pause and on-the-move. It enables continuous communication between various vehicles/ships/aircraft/personnel regardless of terrain and elongation, and allows for seamless transition from LEO to GEO satellites if necessary. This is essential for ensuring the continuity of the link between units and command posts. For civilian applications, it effectively addresses challenges related to maritime and aeronautical transport where business continuity is essential.

The release of a user terminal operating in the Ka-Band is scheduled for 2025.