Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) is a well-established membership organisation that promotes innovation within the satellite communications industry to improve operational efficiency and minimise negative impact. SIG aims to foster relationships between operators, manufacturers and solutions providers by providing a platform for members to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and opportunities and explore technical aspects of industry efficiencies.

Coleg Cambria, is a leading U.K. provider and offers a range of STEM courses including GCSE, A Level, vocational, industry and higher education courses and training. It’s one of the largest colleges in the U.K. with approximately 6000 full-time students and 20,000 part-time learners and many international links. It is a member of Aerospace Wales and has been home to the Aerospace Wales Expo since it began in 2019.

The Institute of Physics is a professional body and learned society for physics in the U.K. and Ireland, with an active role in promoting co-operation in physics around the world. It has 21,000 members and strives to make physics accessible to people from all backgrounds.

The Northern Space Consortium (NSC), is a not-for-profit organisation established to help the Space Industry in North West England and North Wales develop. The NSC is dedicated to connecting the industry, promoting innovation and enabling the space industry to develop in the region. This includes making introductions and building networks, hosting events for its members and associates, promoting the region nationally and internationally, as well as engaging with business and educational institutions.

The Space Wales Network and the Space Wales Leadership Group have been established to shape the outputs for delivering a new space strategy for Wales and is committed to the long-term development of the growth strategy for Wales. The group will liaise with key stakeholders such as other devolved administrations, U.K. Government, local authorities, UK Space Agency, Aerospace Growth Partnership & Defence Group Partnership to ensure that Wales's strategy compliments the aspirations of the U.K. as a whole.

Helen Weedon, managing director of SIG, commented, "To promote innovation, attract new talent and inspire the next generation to engage with the satcom industry, it’s important that we cultivate stronger connections with industry and education. We’re delighted to welcome these four new members to SIG, because it is enabling us to further foster those links.”

Bob Morris, chairman, The Northern Space Consortium, added, “The NSC is committed to developing and expanding our region’s space environment and so is delighted to join SIG because it will give us the opportunity to engage and collaborate with key stakeholders in the satcom industry.”