Spectrum Control Inc. introduces space grade EMI filters that meet the stringent requirements of existing and emerging space technologies. Available in feed-thru, Pi, L circuits in panel mount and surface mount packages (SMT), the EMI filters deliver high reliability and durability in satellite systems, spacecraft, antenna arrays, launch systems, orbital infrastructure, surveillance and tracking, ground transmission and ground communications and networks.

The SMT hi-rel and space EMI filters are compactly designed with either feed-thru circuits or Pi circuits (with ferrite beads) to occupy less space on the printed circuit board and provide cost and time advantages compared to through-hole filters. Higher-grade dielectric materials are employed in the SMT filters to facilitate military and space applications.   

Highly reliable, the space-grade hermetic- and resin-sealed panel mount EMI filters support established MIL-PRF-28861 and MIL-PRF-15733 requirements with higher-level screening to support space-level applications.

Spectrum Control leveraged its proven experience in space programs, including deep space and scientific missions and satellite communications, to design the Space Grade EMI filters. Both filters have undergone extended thermal shock and voltage conditioning. Additionally, extensive destructive physical analysis has been conducted on the single-line EMI filters.

Electrical and mechanical design engineers, and EMI/EMC engineers developing space, military and aerospace systems will improve their designs with the space EMI filters. In addition to space applications, the EMI filters can be designed for military vehicles and watercraft, radar, commercial and military aircraft and air traffic control systems.