Quadsat, a specialist provider of UAV-based RF measurement solutions, has launched its latest product range ahead of Satellite 2024. This includes an extended breadth of frequency ranges and the addition of uplink capabilities.

The Quadsat system is a compact antenna testing solution consisting of a drone and custom-built payload, ground control station, RTK system and bespoke software for flexible, yet accurate antenna test and measurement. With this latest range, customers can now choose and adapt the payload according to their specific requirements. The range includes:

  • QS 1-18 DL - downlink tests, covering S-Ku-Band
  • QS 6-24 DL - downlink tests, covering X-/ Ka-Band
  • QS 17-31 DL - downlink tests, covering Ka-Band
  • QS 6-24 DL/UL - downlink and uplink, covering X-/Ka-Band
  • QS 17-31 DL/UL - downlink and uplink covering Ka-Band.

All of the products are able to measure full 2D and 3D radiation patterns, radiation pattern cuts, polarization and cross-polar discrimination (XPD), as well as evaluating stationary point tracking and performing NGSO satellite tracking emulation. The uplink models are also able to perform data link verification and waveform validation of the ground segment. Quadsat is working on a number of other developments due to launch later this year, including the ability to measure EIRP, G/T and powerflux density.

Lars Bach, CTO, Quadsat, commented, “Having already proven the effectiveness of the Quadsat system to perform a wide range of measurements with a high level of accuracy, we have a lot of interest in the ability of our system to cover more frequency ranges and deliver extra measurements. With this range we are responding to that demand. Our product team is continuing to develop innovative solutions to address current and future challenges for antenna testing.”

Quadsat is also launching a BETA version of a cloud platform, which will make it easier than ever for users to securely, and instantly, share data and reports with other stakeholders. Approved users can access the data in real-time, helping to drastically speed up approval processes, while ensuring data is kept secure at all times.

Quadsat will be exhibiting at EuCAP from March 18-22 and Satellite 2024 from March 19-21 (booth 1347).