The Berkeley Nucleonics (BNC) Model 670C Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) has a new waveform memory module, allowing up to 512 MSa/s of waveform memory in a benchtop research instrument. This doubling of memory means more complex waveforms are readily produced, giving expanded testing opportunities to lab personnel. A large waveform memory allows users to create and store long, complex waveforms that simulate realistic signals or various test scenarios. It also enables longer waveform play time before it repeats.

The Model 670C is also well-suited as a baseband generator. The AWG produces a time-domain signal that can be applied to an external RF modulator. For simple signals where pulses are generated by controlling the carrier envelope, the Model 670C single output can be applied to an amplitude modulator. If the carrier is phase- or frequency-modulated, the Model 670C offers two channels that can be applied to an IQ modulator.

The Model 670C starts at about $12,000 for a dual-channel system. It delivers performance and a feature set unparalleled in the entry-level test equipment field.

BNC is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test and measurement, radiation detection, nuclear research and RF/microwave applications. From signal generators to spectrum analyzers, BNC offers the widest range of signal generation and analysis tools from a single manufacturer. Application engineers are available to discuss specific needs. BNC offers product demonstrations to aid in the selection process.

Our corporate headquarters are in San Rafael, Calif., with additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the U.S. In addition, BNC maintains an international network of manufacturer’s representatives to satisfy precision instrumentation needs globally.

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